Unicorn Deer Killed: Intense Debate Over The Killing Of Rare Unicorn Deer By Hunter

November 19, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Unicorn deer killed and story makes headlines. A ‘unicorn deer’ was killed during the summer in Celje, Slovenia by a hunter who was shocked by the mystical creature. Just as scientists in Europe are studying the animal, a woman by the name of Amy Calkin from Washington, has published pictures and a video to prove that she has also killed a ‘unicorn deer.’

'Unicorn Deer' Killed

Unicorn deer killed by Slovenian hunter, has left scientists baffled and animal lovers angry. In August, a hunter killed a ‘unicorn deer’ that was roaming in a forest in Celje, Slovenia.

The hunter picked the roe deer because of its advanced age. The person assumed that they were shooting a deer with just one antler also known as “spike,” but when they got closer to the dead animal, they were surprised to discover that it was a ‘unicorn deer.’

The unicorn deer killed by the Slovenian hunter is such a rare animal that scientist Boštjan Pokorny, had to conduct several tests to determine its authenticity.

Pokorny, who is the assistant director of the ecological research institute, ERICo Velenje, explained that the spike occurs from a hormone imbalance in the deer.

Pokorny said he had never seen anything like it, and added:

“In this species, only males grow antlers, which are bilateral and usually symmetrical bone structures that appear from two antler pedicles, i.e. extensions of the skull.”

While the ‘unicorn deer’ is not really a magical creature, it has some of the most remarkable cells known to man, according to the expert. He shared:

“The cells that actually make the antler grow, they’re some of the most amazing cells known to man.”

Last month, Amy Calkins killed a ‘unicorn deer’ while hunting in Washington state. Calkins, who eventually learned that her deer was actually a doe, told local media, according to NewsOXY:

“I was in complete shock by the whole situation. How could this [female] deer have antlers?”

Calkins turned over her ‘unicorn deer’ named Pat to The Mississippi State University Deer Lab.

The story of the unicorn deer killed by hunter has many animal lovers wondering, why take the life of such a rare animal just for fun and a bit of meat?

Unicorn Deer


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  1. lanie294 says:

    Felt lucky? Who the hell feels lucky about killing an innocent creature? especially a rare, and beautiful creature that may never be seen again.. good job you jerk..

    • CPEEPLES says:

      shows how stupid you people are GOd created it and God gave these animals to us to eat and even stupider of you is not to realize they are illegal to keep as pets. and even more stupid is that you think somehow at over a hundred yards you can positively identify one antler YOU ARE STUPID STUPID STUPID

      • Hassan Ben Sober says:

        Stop calling people names, sheesh.

      • ACE says:

        CPEEPLES, your comment marks you as a special kind of inbreeding-derived douche; I hope “God” created you to wind up as food for a bear that “God” created.

    • zedman says:

      deer are just large rats with good meat.

    • Larry Wilson says:

      Now that’s my kind of woman, sadly at 68 I’m way to old to be lucky enough to raise her pulse.
      As for you idiots belittling her, she has done nothing more than remove a freak of nature from the heard. The area she took this deer in is overrun with deer & cause farmers serious crop damage every year. You know nothing of hunting nor why the vast majority of people who are hunters do what we do every year, you just want a reason to pat yourself on the back because none of the people who do know you want anything to do with you or your idiocy any more.

  2. daoud says:


    • Michael says:

      If that is real blond hair I am in Love, Michael

    • rich says:

      you must be a real blonde

    • CPEEPLES says:


    • dotade says:

      How do you think beef, pork, chicken, etc gets to your dinner table? Newsflash…somebody kills it FOR you. The reason our country has so many deer, elk, antelope, bear turkey, etc. is from hunter dollars. People like you certainly didn’t restore this wildlife to its current numbers. You need to do some research before you toss out unfounded emotional responses about legitimate behavior. This country is not only about you and your beliefs. Let’s see (using your statement), your hope is that her or her close family members DIE? Aren’t you a gem!

  3. kathy says:

    What a truly disgusting person this woman is! Smiling about murdering an innocent animal? I hope there is a special place in hell for people like you who get pleasure out of killing!

    • rich says:

      you people are idiots. wishing a person to hell or for a family member to die over a stupid animal. to bad you are not as passionate over abortion and child abuse

    • CPEEPLES says:

      Kathy you are stupid beyond belief FInd GOd get him in your life

    • zedman says:

      Nature’s food chain. If we didn’t kill the deer, the wolves would.

    • dotade says:

      How do you think beef, pork, chicken, etc gets to your dinner table? Newsflash…somebody kills it FOR you. The reason our country has so many deer, elk, antelope, bear turkey, etc. is from hunter dollars. People like you certainly didn’t restore this wildlife to its current numbers. You need to do some research before you toss out unfounded emotional responses about legitimate behavior. This country is not only about you and your beliefs.

  4. Heath D. says:

    Amy your awesome oh wait no your not nice job you killed not only an helpless animal but a rare one that’s great god I wish it were ok to hunt some people at least we humans can fight back. But I guess that’s what we do an animal attacks a person we kill it we don’t say hey dummy don’t move to the middle of the woods. We go into the ocean where hey sharks live get bit we kill it what a frinken joke!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Terry says:

    I believe, since God placed the beasts here before man. We should all kill ourselves, so we do not encroach on their habitat. The recent proliferation of coyotes and wolves kill more dear than man’s guns. Also killed are squirrels, rabbits, birds, opossums, raccoons, etc. etc. House Cats will eliminate all wildlife in their range within months. Do any animal lovers here let their cats run loose ? Maintaining a balanced herd is our responsibility as stewards of God’s beasts. With no management, maintaining balance, we would certainly drive many species to extinction. You may want to study up on wildlife management before acting as if a human child were killed, though that happens everyday also. There is no free range left for them. To solve this problem, refer to my second sentence. (above)

    • noillusion says:

      In case you were not aware, 99.9% of all life forms (this includes flowers and other plants) to have ever appeared on this planet, are already extinct. “god” is cruel, indeed. Oh, and someone needs to slap that woman who killed that beautiful deer. Like you, she would do well to wake up.

    • suz says:

      You sound like a idiot . Why are cats running lose because of irresponsible humans. Nature will take care of it’s own. Deer many do not realize if food source is scarce does will assume embryo’s back into their bodies. This was published by DNR themselves years ago. There’s to much over development on earth for humans. We all need to live within our means. I have to problem with responsible hunters it’s the one’s out there killing for the thrill. Many maim animals than don’t track them to put them out of their pain. People need to eat but do it responsible. We no longer leave hunter hunt on our property due to this problem. This rare animal should have been passed on so it’s genes could live on. Thanks for destroying another rare animal maybe the favor will be returned to you in the future. We can only hope.

  6. sunshine patriot says:

    Be careful! When the hunted animals are all gone, these wingnuts will start hunting humans.

  7. Sassy says:

    Shoot with a camera instead of a gun in situation like these.

  8. robert doughty says:

    there is nothing that can be said that can capture the absolute disgust I have for this type of human being! I only hope the favor is returned to her..the arrogance, the values…of people like this..it all comes around amy!

  9. venetia says:

    How could this woman be so careless?? could she shoot kids thinking they are game too?? Someone should put a bullet in her and then say sorry I thought she was a big dunce head!! take her out now…

  10. allovr says:

    So, I take it all of you are Vegan’s then. Let me tell ya, the animals that are provided for what’s sold in your local grocery store live FAR more dreadful lives and have a much more gruesome walk to death. As well the numerous MAN MADE drugs etc… that are introduced to them. As well, I can’t fathom the amount of cows, pigs, and chickens that are raised, killed, and end up in landfills.

    AAAAAANNNNNNDDDDD, without animal population control, over population happens. They quite literally, eat themselves out of house and home. Diseases set in. Auto insurance rates go up because of the influx of vehicular accidents with various animals. It goes on and on.

    So, keep eating your chemical sprayed eggs, drug and antibiotic laced steak, milk, and cheese, herded to mass shotgun slaughter sausage and bacon. All the while complaining about those that grocery shop the clean natural raised produce and meats. And typically take only what they need. Thereby severely reducing waste…………………….

  11. mike peterson says:

    my god, you people who put the life of an animal above the life of a human scare the heck out of me. you need to get off the couch in your big city, stop watching animal planet, and get out in the woods or on a farm and find out what life is really all about. the unicorn deer is nothing more than a deformity. when you hang out with nature in the real world you see goofy stuff all the time. it is not some new strain of animal. hunters do more in the name of conservation than most of you would ever think of doing. you should be thanking the hunters for the things they do for wildlife instead of calling people you don’t even know such awful names. 99.9% of hunters have more respect for the animals they hunt and the nature they hunt in than you will ever know unless you get off the couch and spend some time with these people and get to know who they are and how the feel about the animals they hunt and the nature they hunt in. I am surprised that nobody here has blamed the unicorn deer on global warming.

  12. mike peterson says:

    I also wounder, how hungery would you guys who defame and degrade the hunter have to be before you would take the life of an animal in order to insure your own survival. hunting and gathering is something that humans have done since god put us on this earth. hunting and gathering was a means of survival. you either found food or you died. you either found food for you family or you children died. because we have had it so good and have all the survival basics practically laid at our feet in this country, and I thank god for those blessings, most people seem to live in some sort of fantecy land about life. when you are a hunter or an outdoorsperson of any sort, I assure you, you get reaquainted with reality. when you are sitting in a tree, tired from the walk and toes cold from the freezing weather, you really do start to appreciate what the people who came before us had to do to simply survive. it is only then that a person starts to appreciate what is real and what is not. what is truly meaningfull and what is not. I will tell you that once the creature conforts that we all take for granted disappear and we are all forced to figure out again the basics of how we are just going to survive, all of you fantacy landers are going to be begging the survivalists (hunters) for their help.

  13. mike peterson says:

    and I can almost gaurentee you, knowing hunters and outdoorspeople as I do, even though you don’t deserve it, those people will bend over backwards to help you if they can.

  14. denise says:

    loser kill something that is beautiful is news ./////??????????????

  15. outraged citizen says:

    Someone should shoot Amy in the head and say “Ooops!”

  16. Bob Brn. says:

    Yea. I’ll tell you what this child-fucker that did this is. He’s a motherfucking Pedophile. For him, the younger the better. He’ll screw ANY kid.

  17. gia ferrano says:

    Amy wipe that stupid smile off your face. Your a deer killer sweetie. Nothing to be proud of.

  18. Duane says:

    I have slaughtered my own beef, pork, chicken, turkey, rabbit, lamb. I have also slaughtered a lot of corn, beans, peas, tomatoes. Hey, it’s all alive. I find biased articles like this disturbing. Had the writer chosen “mutant” rather than “rare” to describe these animals, would that have affected opinions? And what if the animal were an armadillo rather than a deer?

  19. Eric Von Brink says:

    Pathetic, disgraceful POS.

  20. april kalpin says:

    People do kill for just fun.It shows how we as humans give no thought of killing something so unique and beautiful!

  21. LRS says:

    How sad. Anything beautiful and interesting in this world will not last, humans destroy it.

  22. francis Rod says:

    I normally dont get into leaving comments, this may be my second time ever. im unclear which one is the animal in the image shown above? Dont get me wrong i am not an activist, but the smile on the animals face while holinf that poor denfenseless beautifuldear is horrible!! I dont see the sense in this action , i dont think the the animal was hunting out of need to eat, what’s worse is its such a rare deer and to ends its life and be proud amd smiling,showing pictures??? really wow!, it’s not only disgusting butvery STUPID on her part!

  23. Charles Goldman says:

    That is disgusting. Hope your proud of yourself( coward)

  24. Ellis Toscano says:

    Only thing more sickening than a man hunting is a woman hunting. Stupid female. Hope she explains this to her kids if she is has any. Hopefully she doesn’t and never will.

  25. miles Henderson says:

    Why do they have to die, why aren’t they special?????

  26. Tom says:

    It’s a sad, sad moment in the history of the world when you realize how the public, addicted to reality and “survivor” T.V., is appalled when confronted with the oldest reality there is. Predators have eyes in the front, prey has eyes on the side, mine are in front how about yours? Good job Amy Calkins, the herd is better for your decision.

  27. WackyJacky says:

    Creeples is a big creep. What kind of hypocrite is it that claims he knows what God created for what and then goes and calls his fellow human being stupid three times in capital letters for disagreeing. A rare and beautiful creature was killed for sport unnecessarily and it makes me cry. Imagine it coming closer to one of us knowing we want to preserve it and befriend it then it gets shot by one of those creeples! Shot dead.

    • Eric says:

      Wacky Jacky is a great name for you. Why don’t you go out in the woods and “befriend” a bear and tell us how that works out?

  28. Eric says:

    Good shot Amy. Enjoy the meat and happy hunting.

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