Underwood Due Date Reveal: Carrie Underwood Gives Baby, CMA Awards Updates On ‘The View’

October 27, 2014 | By TheSpreadit More

Carrie Underwood due date reveal took place on ABC’s The View Monday, where she was a guest with good friend, Brad Paisley. A pregnant Underwood appeared on the show to promote the upcoming 2014 CMA Awards.

Underwood due date reveal

Carrie Underwood due date reveal was very discreet as the singer seemed more happy and comfortable talking about her career, instead of the pregnancy. However, fans were happy to learn that the baby is due for next spring.

The country music superstar announced her pregnancy in September, so her first child with husband, hockey player Mike Fisher, will probably arrive around April or May 2015. Underwood stated that everything is going well, but one thing crosses her mind from time to time.

So, what keeps the future mother up at night? The idea that she will soon be responsible of another human being. The 31-year-old singer told the ladies of The View:

“Just being responsible for a tiny human. That’s the hardest part.”

Underwood’s due date reveal is the only real information her supporters got from the interview. Those looking for a Carrie Underwood baby bump picture were probably disappointed because there is nothing visible at the moment.

The “Something in the Water” artist just looked stunning in a blue dress. People who are on Underwood baby bump watch will have to wait for her next big public appearance on November 5 at 8PM ET to see if there is any development in that area.

Underwood and Brad Paisley will be hosting the CMA Awards for the seventh time on that day. Paisley says he is still not totally at ease as a host and he is always surprise that they are able to pull it off year after year.

Underwood and Paisley rely on their chemistry to get them across the finish line. Check out the interview below to see the big Underwood due date reveal, and find out why Paisley says that he is no Ricky Gervais.


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