Uncle Fatally Shot After Kidnapping Niece, 9: Cops

May 28, 2015 | By Garrett Montgomery More

An uncle was fatally shot after kidnapping his 9-year-old niece. Jessie Nicholas Williams, who snatched Caitlyn Elizabeth Williams in Texas, was shot and killed by an FBI task force officer during a struggle at a motel in Louisiana.

Uncle Fatally Shot Girl Found

An uncle was fatally shot during a fight with an FBI agent. On Friday, 9-year-old Caitlyn Elizabeth Williams left her home in Benbrook, Texas on her shiny pink bike to go spend the weekend with a friend.

The little girl was supposed to return home on Sunday. It has been confirmed that her parents never called the other family to make sure their child had arrived safely.

On Monday night when Williams failed to return home, her family called the police, and an Amber Alert was issued early Tuesday. Benbrook Police spokesman Sandy Eubanks released a statement that read:

“She was supposed to return Sunday. When she didn’t, they decided to wait, because the weather was bad.”

According to authorities, Williams had been taken by her uncle, Jessie Nicholas Williams, 24. The police received several tips from people, who recognized the girl and her uncle near a hair salon, (where the uncle asked that her hair be dramatically changed/cut), a motel and a grocery store in Louisiana.

One of the people, who called the police was Danielle James, a VIP Taxi cab driver, who wept uncontrollably after discovering she unintentionally helped the kidnapper. James, who picked up the girl and her uncle over the weekend, said:

“When I seen his picture on Facebook, my heart dropped and my phone dropped. Tears just came running down my face. I picked this guy up!”

James confessed to driving the pair to a local Wal-Mart and a Days Inn Motel in Bossier City. The taxi driver added:

“Nothing seemed out of place. When you’re a cab driver, you can kind of feel a vibe or negativity. I didn’t feel none of that.The little girl, she seemed jolly and happy and just ready to get where she going.”

A gun battle occurred between the uncle and an FBI task force officer, the result – the uncle was shot dead and the officer received a bullet in the leg but is expected to make a full recovery. Law enforcement officials did not disclose a motive for the abduction.

Police Chief James Miss told local media that he is baffled as to why the parents took so long to report the child missing. The parents have an excuse – bad weather stopped them from discovering their child had vanished for days.

What are your thoughts on the parents’ behavior?

Uncle Fatally Shot


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  1. Claire - mom of 5 says:

    4 words – parents of the year!

    WTF? leaving a 9 year old go by her friend alone and never checking on her for 3 days. first the Duggars now this, what is it with incest in the south. go find a hooker HORNY MEN.

    • regina jones says:

      Her parents need to be arrested as well…yeah i agree who lets their 9 yr old go for 3 days and doesn’t check with the other parents to make sure she made it and then waits because of bad weather before clling the police??? yeah, take their asses to the pits of jail!!!

  2. Carole says:

    Probably the same as incest in the north, east and west. In YOUR city.

  3. Shane says:

    Everyone assuming the worst. Maybe, I hope, the uncle was trying to protect his niece from abusive or neglecting parents? What responsible parent would not check before, during, and after their 9 year old goes to spend the weekend at a friend’s house?!

  4. Mayra says:

    What kind of parents let their 9 year old daughter ride her bike alone to her friend’s house and then not only do they not check to see if she made it there ok, but they don’t call the whole time she’s there. WTF!

  5. italian stallion says:

    This is some crazy American white boy shit , why you never see or hear people of color doing this on a regular or beastiality , or having sex with dead corpses or blowing up buildings or shooting up schools and movie theatres ! I tell you these type of males have a sickness called – WMD’s = WHITE MANS DISEASE….CHECK IT OUT PEOPLE IT’S TRUE LOOK AT THE LAST 100 YEARS OVER THERE IN AMERICA , BUT THEY WANT TO ARREST ALL PEOPLE OF COLOR FOR SMOKING 2 JOINTS OF A PLANT CALLED MARIJUANA !???!!

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