TSP.Gov Account Access:www.TSP.Gov

Garrett Montgomery | July 10, 2010 | 4 Comments More

TSP.Gov Account Access:www.TSP.Gov – TSP.GOV Account Access infos can be found here. TSP which stands for Thrift Savings Plan was set up by the administration to let people who are working in
government (postal worker, soldiers for example) to better manage their money.
The website allows those public servants to access their accounts, better manage it and do various transactions.

Other than viewing your TSP account balance you have access to the following features on the site:
* view most recent transactions
* get your participant statements
* allocate your contributions in the various TSP Funds
* make withdrawals
*Participate in Investment Funds
* make inter-fund transfers
* update your contact information
* apply for TSP loans
* Maximize Your Retirement Savings

The site was having some technical difficulties but it is up and running again.

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    1. david b. wilson says:

      to mary miller; i’m david b. wilson (8022). on feb.5 2010 i became a single man again. on march 31, 2010 i became retied. for the last four months with out pay, your office has been take out of my retirement check $372.11 for the family plan! what is my cost for the high opption single plan? can you mary please get this strighten out. thank you david

    2. michael says:

      what did you do with the old format , I was just fine with it not all like change .

    3. marisol says:

      i called and made a mistke with something about investing i did want to all i want to do is withdrow

    4. marisol says:


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