Trump Carrier Tweet: Air Conditioning Plant Might Stay In Indiana

November 25, 2016 | By Milan Boyd More

Trump Carrier Air Conditioning Indiana

Donald Trump is trying to keep a Carrier air conditioning plant opened in the state of Indiana. Mr. Trump took to social media on Thanksgiving Day to share the update with his followers. Carrier announced their plan to move an Indiana factory to Monterrey, Mexico in February. The move would cost the Hoosier State close to 2,000 jobs.

Candidate Trump used the story to highlight the wrong side of free trade agreements like NAFTA and promised that as president he would prevent a situation like this from happening by signing better deals. The business mogul said that traditional politicians failed to protect the average American worker. Trump had also threatened to impose huge penalties on companies that engage in this type of behavior.

About one hour after the 45th president of these United States tweeted the message, Carrier responded with their own statement. The company said that negotiations with the new administration were underway, but nothing was final as yet.

Most workers linked to the Indianapolis plant are excited and are praying for a positive conclusion. Some of them do remain skeptic especially those who voted for Hillary Clinton. They do not believe that Trump can influence Carrier in a meaningful way, according to them, it is just a PR stunt.

The conversation online is also split along party lines. Some are cheering the idea that the new president could save those jobs. However, a few conservative critics are wondering if moves like those are not against everything the GOP stands for, the idea of free enterprise and small government.

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