Trooper Luke Bonin And Lynn Murphy Share A Meal, Story Melts Hearts

May 21, 2016 | By Garrett Montgomery More

State Trooper Luke Bonin and Lynn Murphy, a homeless mother of four, shared a meal and a passerby captured the moment. Instead of citing the homeless woman for panhandling, Bonin showed compassion by offering her food and by talking to her.

Trooper Luke Bonin

State Trooper Luke Bonin has become an overnight celebrity thanks to an act of kindness. On Tuesday, dressed in plain clothes after leaving court, Bonin saw a homeless woman in Fall River, Massachusetts with a sign asking for help. The trooper drove to a restaurant and purchased two meals and went to see the lady.

The woman, whose name is Lynn Murphy, is a mother of four, who revealed that she was scared when she saw Bonin approaching her. She assumed that she was in trouble and suspected that he would cite her for panhandling. To her surprise, he presented her with two meals and asked her to pick one. Murphy shared:

“I thought he was just going to hand me the meal but when he said, ‘Come around the back, it’s such a beautiful day, we’ll have a picnic. It touched my heart.”

The pair sat, ate, and spoke and the beautiful human moment was caught on camera by Jacob Morse, who shared the photo on Facebook and it rapidly went viral. The state police shared a Facebook post on the story where they applauded the 35-year-old trooper’s compassion. The message read:

“Trooper Bonin, we know you do not want or expect publicity. We know you didn’t want to be noticed, but you were, and the job is proud of you. We commend you for your selfless act, and for “doing the right thing” for someone less fortunate than most people.”

Though the story has moved people across the Internet, it was very hard to get the details to the media because it was almost impossible to get Bonin to talk. David Procopio, a State Police spokesperson, revealed:

“We had to pull the story out of him. The story just speaks for itself. … It really reveals his character.”

What are your thoughts on Trooper’s Luke Bonin actions?


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