Tree Falls On Car, Kills 2 Girls

June 26, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Tree Falls On Car

Tree falls on car, killing two little girls and leaving a family heartbroken. A family in Pennsylvania is mourning after a freak accident lead to two young sisters ages 6 and 8 being killed after a tree with dry roots fell in the car they were riding in and caused it to crash in a pole. Ryleigh Freiwald and Macayla Freiwald lost their lives while their pregnant mother Ashley Lichty and their step dad Jason Himebaugh and their younger sisters Ciara Freiwald and Lillie Freiwald are currently in the hospital.

On Monday the Freiwald/Himebaugh family was in their Pontiac Grand AM driving between Davidsville and Tire Hill when a tree randomly fell on the vehicle.

The car which was being driven by Jason Himebaugh lost control and slammed into a nearby utility pole.

The crash left two out of the six passengers dead.

Two young vibrant and adorable sisters, 8-year-old Ryleigh Freiwald and 6-year-old Mikayla Freiwald who were riding in the backseat were killed in the strange accident.

Their mother Ashley Lichty, 26 was able to get out of the car and call for help.

As for Ashley Lichty’s boyfriend of 18 months named Jason Himebaugh, he was found unconscious and was taken to Memorial Medical Center in Johnstown.

Ashley Lichty’s two younger daughters 5-year-old Ciara Freiwald and 3-year-old Lillie Freiwald were also injured during the crash.

A person who witnessed the scene told local media that the mother was inconsolable as she searched for her little girls:

“I saw this lady get out of the passenger seat and she was yelling, ‘My babies,'”. We did watch them cut the doors off and cut the roof off, and get the driver out of the car.”

Authorities who were called to scene were said to be traumatized by what they saw.

A primary investigation lead to conclusion that the tree was rotten which is the reason why it fell down.


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  1. danny says:

    Of all things, The chances of that tree falling down on their car at that moment are astronomical childrens spirit

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