Train Strikes SUV: Illinois Train Crash Kills Four People

November 1, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Train strikes SUV in Illinois, killing 4 people. A mother and her 3 children, were killed on their way to a Halloween parade after a train struck the family’s SUV.

Train Strikes SUV Illinois

Illinois train strikes SUV, leaving 4 members of one family dead. This horrible tragedy occurred on Thursday night. According to Illinois police, 35-year-old Crystal Anna, and her children were heading to Vandalia’s annual Halloween parade.

The accident took place just steps away from the event, which went ahead as scheduled. The mother was rushed to the St. Louis University Hospital. She died on Friday from her injuries.

According to Fayette County Coroner, Bruce Bowen, Anna’s daughters, Alyssa Sewell, 18, Anna Wisnasky, 10, and her son, 13-year-old Drake Wisnasky, were all pronounced dead at the scene.

Anna’s 9-year-old child, Dylan Wisnasky, survived the crash and is currently at the St. Louis hospital. His condition is not known at this moment.

Vandalia Police Chief, Jeff Ray, has revealed that Anna accidentally drove the SUV around safety gates and was struck by an eastbound CSX freight train. The mother who was from Greenville, Illinois may have not been familiar with the crossing.

Ray, who watched a video recorded by a train camera of the accident, explained:

“Two sets of tracks converge in the area where the accident happened, which can be confusing.Because Anna was from out of town, she may not have been familiar with the crossing. But the bars and lights at the crossing were functioning properly.”

Additionnally, it was raining, which may have made the crossing even more confusing for Anna. Bowen who called the accident a sad tragedy, added:

“It was raining at the time this happened and, with Main Street running adjacent to the railroad tracks, it was a congested area.But the way it is set up, she still should have been able to see the train.”

The train engineer tried several times to alert the SUV’s driver, by sounding the bell and whistle, but in vain.

Train strikes SUV in Illinois leaving a community in huge grief.


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