Tori Spelling, 41, Stuns In White Dress At Pre-Oscar Event With Dean McDermott

February 22, 2015 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Tori Spelling, 41, and her husband, Dean McDermott, 48, showed the world that their much talked about divorce, is definitely off by making a public and touchy appearance at the US OK! party few days ago. Tori Spelling looked stunning in a a body-hugging dress, which made Dean McDermott a very happy husband.

tori spelling

Tori Spelling is in love with her butt and wants the world to know it. On Thursday night, all eyes were on the hot mama known as Tori Spelling and her husband, Dean McDermott, who attended the US OK! party at The Argyle in Hollywood, California.

Spelling looked amazing in a white Hervé Léger-inspired dress called the Fabrizia Dress designed by House Of CB. The British fashion house also provided Mrs Tori with an off-white Jagger leather jacket.

The mother of four wore a pair of black strappy sandals by Ruthie Davis and completed the look with a glass Vaulted Clutch and lots of jewelery by CC SKYE. McDermott, who sported a dark grey suit and burgundy sweater, could not keep his hands off his wife.

The actress, who is in love with her perky derriere, shared the picture below with a caption that read:

“I never give myself kudos but at 41 years old and with 4 kids even I gotta say ” Damn Gina”… #ProudMamaofabooty.”

tori spelling pic

Spelling and McDermott did a brief interview with Perez Hilton while at the event where they shared few interesting details about their lives.

Tori Spelling Dressing

The husband and wife, who detailed their cheating scandal on True Tori, have stopped fighting and will no longer get a divorce. Tori claimed that their relationship was in transition back then, but she has since forgiven Dean for having a brief affair as he was working in Canada with 28-year-old Emily Goodhand.

They have great doubts that their reality show will be renewed for a third season, because they no longer want to show their difficult moments on camera. Tori Spelling revealed that she wants to show a “lighter reality” filled with happier moments, so she is hoping to land on a new show.

Dean took the opportunity to squash the rumors that he was seeing his ex-wife, Mary Jo Eustace, secretly. According to the Touch of Pink actor, his wife was aware of the meeting and he only spoke to his former spouse about their son, Jack, who will be going to college and is searching for a summer job.

Dean McDermott pleaded with the media to stop publishing false stories about his family. McDermott looked very uncomfortable during the interview and joked about spanking his children Finn, Liam, Stella and Hattie and giving them diphenhydramine (Benadryls), so they can sleep.

Tori Spelling is a proud mama, who is shopping for a new drama-free reality show, but will her fans be interested in the better version of her couple that she is hoping to sell?


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  1. Isaac Leov says:

    What is all the fuss about? She’s ugly as sin and getting uglier as she ages. And her but is already showing signs of sagging even through the dress. She hasn’t done anything creative in decades. Why do we lionize such people?

    • Rita McSwain says:

      When men start having the babies, carrying around 20-30 pounds of extra weight for up to nine months, double the fat cells in their bodies (in case you have not heard, women have twice as many fat cells to start with than men), and with children, especially small ones, gym time is not an option in order to stay slim, trim, and sexxxy for some guy who thinks with the same head most teenage boys do. Sorry if you don’t like the way God created us. I’m not keen on your thinking because Christ gave rules for the ways women should be treated. Check it out sometime. . . I’m sure you aren’t into your forties yet, losing your heavy mane, developing a paunch, developing arthritis, and keeping up with children. At least you aren’t talking like it. Give yourself another 10-20-30 years and some hard life situations, then come back and put her down. I have seen some really beautiful people, men and women, once I was able to know them. “Beauty” is only skin deep and can change quickly in a fire or a car accident. That is when one will see just how deep beauty goes in other people. Add some maturity to your judging of her.

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