Tips For Jesus Tipper Identified As Jack Selby

Garrett Montgomery | December 11, 2013 | 0 Comments More

Jack Selby TipsforJesus

It appears that the identity of @tipsforjesus has been revealed. According to a waiter who received a generous amount, the famous tipster writes “Tips For Jesus” under every receipt is none other than Jack Selby, the millionaire and former PayPal vice president.

Jack Selby who launched an Instagram and Twitter accounts using the handler @tipsforjesus was contacted by several media outlets so he could explain why he is being so kind – he declined all interviews and simply said he is helping others “because”.

The spree of impressive and anonymous donations began in September in Michigan and eventually spread to the New York city area.

The businessman first hit the Ann Arbor where he gave an employee a $3,000 tip on an $87.88 bill.

Jack Selby visited another eatery just hours later where he forked out $2,000 for a $215 meal, then $5,000 on a $214.75 check.

Selby who is the Managing Director for private investment firms Grandmaster Capital Management and Clarium Capital Management continued to spread his wealth by giving a staff member at Bo’s Kitchen and Bar Room a $1000 tip after spending 100 bucks on shrimp, ragu and bourbon.

Over the weekend he made the staff members of few Manhattan bars very happy.

Christmas came early for a lucky worker at the Smith who got $3,500 on a $391.95 bill and another server was awarded $7,000 on a $2,994.61 check at the NoMad in Midtown.

Now that the identity of tipsforjesus has been revealed, many are wondering will he continue giving away money to hard working people.

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