Tim McGraw Slaps Female Fan At Concert

July 19, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Tim McGraw

Tim McGraw slaps female fan during a concert in Atlanta last week and video sets the internet on fire. During a show at the Aaron’s Amphitheatre, Tim McGraw got very close to the crowd in order to sing “Truck Yeah” to a little girl when a fan grabbed on to his leg and tore his jeans. Tim McGraw who was angered by the woman’s action forcefully slapped her in the face. Many applauded the country star for setting the concert goer straight others blasted him for being a violent man.

Tim McGraw slapped a female supporter during his Sundown Heaven Town Tour in Georgia and videos go viral.

On Sunday July 13th, Tim McGraw took his Sundown Heaven Town Tour to the Aaron’s Amphitheatre in Lakewood.

The country star belted several hit songs while standing on the main stage and by the end of the show he decided to move closer to his fans.

According to reports, the “Nashville Without You” singer approached his screaming fans in order to serenade a young girl with his hit song entitled “Truck Yeah.”

While the “One of Those Nights” artist was performing a blonde woman approached him and started pulling his leg.

Faith Hill’s husband shook his leg as a sign to tell the overzealous fan let him go.

Instead of letting go, the lady decided to pull McGraw’s ripped jeans and while doing so, she tore the side of the pants.

The country star grew frustrated with the lady and hit her.

The entertainer delivered a very forceful slap that sent the woman flying backward.

The touchy fan was rapidly escorted out of the building by security guards.

His rep issued a statement saying that Tim McGraw took action in order to avoid having jeans being torn.

Most people believe that Tim was right to bitch slap the woman because she was wrong to touch him inappropriately.

But few are slamming him and are saying that he is a violent man who is always hitting people.


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