Thom Yorke Iranian Sex Manual Cover Goes Viral (Photo)

May 15, 2015 | By TheSpreadit More

Thom Yorke’s Iranian sex manual cover has gone viral, but no one seems to know why it exists in the first place.

Thom Yorke Iranian sex manual

Thom Yorke covers an Iranian sex manual, it has the Internet laughing, but also searching for answers. How did a photo of the Radiohead singer-songwriter end up on the cover of an Iranian sex manual?

At 46, Thom Yorke is an accomplished artist, who has adoring fans all over the globe. His band, Radiohead, was founded in 1985 and is responsible for monster hits like “Creep,” “Nude,” and “Fake Plastic Trees.” All of this success is nothing compared to what Yorke has done this week, albeit, he did not anything to deserve this honor. The famous musician is the face of an Iranian sex manual.

According to the Daily Telegraph, the manual is called “Marital and Sexual Problems in Men,” and also features the late American writer John Updike on its cover. Sobhan Hassanvand, an Iranian journalist, is the one, who first shared the image on Twitter. “A pic of @radiohead’s vocalist @thomyorke on a book about sex problems between couples published in Iran,” Hassanvand wrote on Monday. Thom Yorke has not yet commented on the viral image, but on the same day it surfaced, he shared an interesting thought on Twitter. “The philosophy of futility,” the English artist tweeted.

A Twitter user (Mehr_DaD) said he took the photo about three years ago at his uncle’s bookshop in Mashhad, Iran. The book is still on sale online. The mystery lives on because it is not clear why the publisher opted to use one of Yorke’s pictures.

The story is a win for Radiohead fans; it brought them a lot of media coverage, which is rarely a bad thing for business. Some supporters even thought that the image was part of an elaborate marketing ploy to promote a new album.

What are your thoughts on Thom Yorke’s Iranian sex manual cover? Did Coldplay actually copy Radiohead?


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