The Majesty runs aground and wedding party attendees have a story to tell

May 30, 2016 | By Garrett Montgomery More

The Majesty runs aground with 152 people on board, who were attending a pre-wedding party, and the story goes viral. All the passengers of The Majesty were transferred to safety by the U.S. Coast Guard and Massachusetts authorities.

The Majesty runs aground

The Majesty ran aground off Georges Island in Boston Harbor, with 152 passengers and crew, prompting several Massachusetts officials to come to the rescue of the passengers.

On Sunday night, a bride and groom, along with 150 close friends and family members, boarded The Majesty for a pre-wedding event where they expected to make memories that would last forever – and they did in a very unexpected way. No one really knows what happened, but according to the groom at around 8 PM, the boat simply stopped. He said with a smile:

“Suddenly a big noise, everything stopped”

One passenger, who was not smiling, stated:

“The music was playing and next thing you know, there were life jackets, little kids crying – it was insane”.

In a tweet posted by the U.S. Coast Guard, it was revealed that:

“…a boat with 152 people on board ran aground off Georges Island in Boston Harbor”

A Boston Harbor Cruises spokeswoman issued a statement saying:

“… all passengers were safely transferred to the Asteria, another Boston Harbor Cruises vessel. The “Majesty,” a Boston Harbor Cruises vessel, was not damaged.”

The spokesperson went on to add:

“Boston Harbor Cruises is fully cooperating with the Coast Guard in the investigation of the grounding.”

The US Coast Guard, the state Environmental Police, and the Boston Fire Department all responded to help transfer passengers to another cruise ship. Crews from the Massachusetts Environmental Police also tweeted a photo from aboard the “Thomas Paine” that shows grateful rescued passengers and crew members with “Majesty” in the background. The caption read:

“Officers aboard the Thomas Paine currently evacuating passengers aboard vessel that has run aground in Boston Harbor.”

Harbor Cruises had people evacuated from The Majesty and moved to the Asteria, another Boston Harbor Cruises vessel.

What are your thoughts on The Majesty’s incident?


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  1. Bob says:

    Congrats on the wedding! Sorry about the boat. Better things will happen later on if you keep your trust in God!

  2. DejaVu Alloveragain says:

    Cruise ship, The Royal Majesty, became stuck 10 miles east of Nantucket late Saturday, June 10 1995 while returning to Boston from Bermuda with 959 passengers and a crew of more than 500.

  3. sean skillings says:

    Obviously the Captain is in question. NOT PAYING ATTENTION…Who gave him a Captains license to begin with?

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