The Bachelorette Finale Spoilers

Garrett Montgomery | July 14, 2009 | 14 Comments More

The Bachelorette Finale Spoilers – The Bachelor Finale Spoilers have leaked ,so if you want the last episode to surprise you ,do not read the rest.
The Bachelorette 5 with Jillian Harris will end up with Kiptyn Locke being heart broken after he is dumped by Jillian.Therefore Ed Swiderski will win and it is being said that Jake Pavelka will be the next Bachelor.
That’s the latest update on The Bachelorette Finale Spoilers.

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    1. Hana says:

      I read that Ed will confess he has a gf and that Reid will return to propose.

      • mimi says:

        Ed is adorable and i’m happy he came back but Reid and Jill make my heart warm up!!!! GO REID!!!! Kyptin is a good guy, but I think he’s opened up so much less than Reid or Ed.

    2. Stef says:

      This whole season has been a JOKE! It appears that this show has become a bunch of crap and all for ratings only. Jillian is not all that and sure acts like she is. She was a fool to let Reid go and Kiptyn is a doll and if she lets him go to then she deserves what she gets. This is my last year watching this show it has gone down hill the last two seasons and people are all talking about it not being for real.

    3. Barbara says:

      had a feeling it would be ed….. Love Kipton, though… cutier…

    4. Missy says:

      I wonder what the “shocker” at the end of Bachelorette is gonna said a last min. confession. I hear that Ed really has a girlfriend. To bad for Kypton…he is a very cool guy,he never left Jill,he was there all the way.

    5. geri says:

      None of the guys jillian ends up with will last…no chemistry.

    6. nd131716 says:

      Jill ed is sucha ugly annoying man. How can you let Reid go….bring him back hes the one!

    7. Teri says:

      Loved Kiptyn from the start. I thought they had total chemistry! He’s a doll and a real sweetheart, too! Bummed about Reid being let go. Thought they had great chemistry, also. They were just so cute together and seemed to challenge each other in a unique way. Liked Ed in the beginning, but just haven’t cared much for the developing relationship. No spice! Gonna be disappointed if Jillian winds up picking him. Would love it if Reid came back and staked his love and they wound up together. I did hear on another blog that someone saw Ed at a professional baseball game–ALONE!! If so, maybe all these “spoilers” are all hype and not fact. Kiptyn’s my man, but if he’s not the one, and if the rumors are true that he’s signed on to be the next bachelor, I’m cool with it!

    8. Genevieve says:

      Never mind the spoilers – this show was spoiled for me when Jillian let Jake go. However, as time has gone on, I think Jake totally lucked out! He could do so much better! Jillian is dumb as a rock. Now we’re hearing she chooses ED of all people. That twosome will last about as long as Jason and Melissa. I agree that this show is staged – everyone’s saying it. But it’s still getting the ratings and I’m still watching (talk about dumb!).

    9. Susan says:

      I love Ed and the most powerful thing he has going for him is that he has said he loves her. Like anyone is going to pick someone that may or may not accept her or propose to her in the end. It’s not like she has to stay with her pick forever or even for more than a month…but what she will do is make a complete fool of herself if she picks a guy that doesn’t love her in front of millions of people.

    10. CJ says:

      Jillian is fraud seriously fake as a $3 bill will Mickey Mouses’ pic. She was not looking for love but stroking her ego. Wes she thinks she is going to garner sympathy that fiasco showed her up big time. Stevie Wonder could see and Ray Charles could lead him to it that Wes was NOT I repeat JUST NOT into her. She wanted to be with a “star” and I use the term loosely. The man sang that tune 5x on that show. She also dismissed several guys for being “to good” hello and admitted she like “Bad Boys”. I am glad its not Kip he was nice. Wes’s family had to know and lied like persian rugs. I stopped watching for several years since noone gets married tuned in and liked Jason and Molly. Had no problem with him dumping Melissa. Like he said after the show things changed. Television adds glitz. He had the courage to do him and not America who is not going to be sleeping in his bed or contributing a damned thing to his life. Yet Jillian she is just…………………………..

    11. Donna says:

      I like Ed and I hope she picks him. He seems sincere to me and the most ready to settle down into a relationship. Kipton is very good looking, but he is not ready to get married. And who would want to deal with his mother?!! She was INTENSE!!! Reid is like the guy next door, but she gave him the boot. It is not fair for him to reject her rejection and come back to mix things up. Besides that, he is also not ready to be in a relationship. So, Ed is my pick.

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