Texas Tech UTEP Brawl May Lead To Changes

September 9, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Texas Tech UTEP brawl

Texas Tech UTEP brawl caught on camera forcing the director of the Las Palmas LifeCare Center to rethink how fans tailgate. On Saturday, an epic brawl between UTEP and Texas Tech fans took place at the parking lot of the Las Palmas LifeCare Center in Texas. According to several witnesses, the fight started after a group wearing UTEP colors approached several Texas Tech fans and insulted them. Two people have been arrested and owners of the facility are trying to change how supporters tailgate during events.

Texas Tech UTEP brawl leads to tighter security at Las Palmas LifeCare Center in El Paso, Texas.

Not everyone was pleased that Texas Tech beat UTEP, 30-26 and the fact that Davis Webb scored three touchdowns on Saturday, but things got heated even before the game.

Cameras were rolling on Saturday night at the parking lot of the Las Palmas LifeCare Center on North Mesa Street as Texas Tech and UTEP fans fought.

According to several witnesses, at around 6:30 p.m. as people were taking part in a tailgate party, UTEP fans walked up to Texas Tech supporters and made few derogatory comments.

Female and male fans of the Red Raiders and UTEP started exchanging words, but it rapidly escalated after an elderly man in cap punched a tailgater who was wearing a grey shirt.

Although the man in grey shirt was twice his size, the grandfather apparently punched and knocked his adversary to the ground.

When another man decided to help the fallen individual, chaos followed. The good Samaritan was jumped by a large group of people who punched and kicked him.

The sports fan who did not wish to reveal his identity had the following to say on the beat down he received:

“I ran in and saw some guy on the floor. I tried to get some people off of him and I guess I ended up tackling some guy and when I tried to get up, I was attacked, also. And then that’s when more people got involved.”

He went on to explain that things got really confusing at some point and people from the same side started hitting one another.

The Texas Tech UTEP brawl left one injured – the bruised up person with non-life-threatening injuries was rushed to Las Palmas Medical Center.

Darrel Petry, spokesman for the El Paso Police Department, said in a statement that two men with outstanding warrants were arrested at the scene of the brawl.

Mr Petry went on to explain that the pair was not taking part in the melee.

Melissa Offutt, Administrative Director, Marketing & Communications with Las Palmas Medical Center issued a statement on the Texas Tech UTEP brawl saying that she is very disappointed with the fans’ behavior.

Offutt added that fans were allowed to tailgate for the past 12 years without incident, but now they are forced to hire two security guards to patrol the parking lot and they are rethinking public access to the space.

The full statement read:

“Las Palmas LifeCare Center rents a property on North Mesa Street and has allowed UTEP fans and visiting fans to use the parking lot on game days for more than 12 years without incident. During events, El Paso Youth Rugby Foundation manages parking and hires two constables to patrol the area during use. Patient safety is a priority, which is why tailgating activities are not allowed during business hours of the LifeCare Center.

It continued:

“We are disappointed in the events that transpired, and as a result of the serious incident before Saturday’s game, we are assessing public access to this space on game days.”

Some say if the parking lot had armed security, fans would be forced to conduct themselves in a civilized manner.

The video of the Texas Tech UTEP brawl is below.


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