Terrence Howard Death Threats: 45-Year-Old Actor Claimed Ex-Wife Michelle Ghent Made Death Threats Via Instagram

February 19, 2015 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Terrence Howard’s death threats have been made public. Mr. Holland’s Opus actor Terrence Howard has contacted California authorities, claiming that his ex-wife, Michelle Ghent, has made death threats against him and his new spouse, Miranda Howard. An investigation has revealed that Ghent is innocent.

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Terrence Howard’s death threats story is making headlines. If you thought that Lucious Lyon had drama in his life in Empire, read on to find out how complicated Terrence Howard‘s real life is.

Howard, a three-time divorcee, ended his very rocky marriage with Michelle Ghent in May of 2013. Ghent had a restraining order against her former spouse who she claimed was abusive.

The same year, he wed model/restauranteur Mira Pak aka Miranda Park who is now known as Miranda Howard. In May of 2014, the Chicagoan star contacted California police after he and his wife received numerous death threats via Instagram and Facebook.

All the messages had appeared to be from someone by the name of Michelle Ghent, claiming she was stalking the Howard family. One tweet from the supposed Michelle Ghent read:

“Your bitch is done, I’m watching you!”

Another message, which mentioned his three children said:

“You two won’t live to see you’re [sic] children! Lol.'”

An Instagram photo from Howard and his new wife’s wedding day was sent to the actor with the disturbing caption:

“Whores run in the family.Aww whores run in the family! Lol.”

A photo of a bottle of over-the-counter medication was sent to Howard with the caption:

“oh dear look what I found. Do hope you refilled it’s one of your things you can’t leave home with out.”

Court documents showed that Mr and Mrs Howard believed that Michelle Ghent may had plans to move from words to action and physically harm them. The police report stated:

“The victim said that this harassment has been going on for over a year. Now he is receiving threats. He and his wife are afraid that the suspect is going to follow through with the threats. To the victim, the harassment appears to be escalating.”

Police quizzed Miss Ghent who denied ever sending any death threats to her former spouse. She said that she was being framed by someone who wanted to ruin her reputation. Cops searched Ghent’s Facebook and Instagram accounts, as well as the necessary logins, IP addresses and found no link between her and the death threats.

According to the LAPD, they could not locate the users of the three accounts who made the threats. Ghent spoke to the media this week, saying that she did not send these messages, she fully cooperated with the cops and she is no longer considered a suspect.

Terrence Howard’s death threats may have been the result of fake profiles.

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