Teens Trying To Join ISIS Stupid Little Girls: Denver Dad Slams Jihadi Teens

October 29, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Teens trying to join ISIS are “stupid little girls,” according to a father. The dad of a teenager, who tried to flee from Denver, Colorado in order to join ISIS in Syria is speaking out, and he believes that they are ignorant children.

teens trying to join ISIS stupid little girls

According to a Denver man, teens trying to join ISIS are “stupid little girls.” The man making that assessment is the father of a teenage girl, who tried to run away from her Colorado home in order to become an ISIS activist.

On October 17, the 16-year-old Sudanese-American girl, skipped school and met with two friends, 15- and 17-year-old sisters. When the three girls failed to show up at the Aurora high school, officials alerted their parents. The parent of the 16-year-old found a disturbing tweet from his daughter, it read:

“Please please please make (prayer) for me wherever you are. I truly need it, may Allah bless you all.”

The young girl, who was in contact with ISIS militants had also posted several tweets, where she condemned gays and blasted Muslims who apologized for what al-Qaeda did on September 11, 2001. He also discovered that her passport had vanished.

The parents of the teens immediately contacted the authorities because they believed their daughters were missing, or were up to no good. The teenagers were found in Frankfurt, Germany with more than $4000, they had stolen half of the money from their families.

The teenagers were heading to Syria in order to join ISIS. The trio was taken back to their parents and questioned by the FBI, but they will not be charged. The father spoke to the media saying that his daughter, and others like her are stupid little girls, who have no idea what ISIS is capable of, he stated:

“I ask her, ‘Who’s that person?’ She actually didn’t have a clear idea about what’s going on. They’re just like, you know, stupid little girls. They just want to do something, and they do it.”

There seems to be a lot of “stupid” teens from Colorado, who want to join ISIS. Shannon Conley, 19, also from Denver, was arrested at an airport in April on her way to Syria to marry an ISIS fighter, she met on the Internet, who had promised her a house, money and the opportunity to fight for his cause.


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