Teen Finds $2,000 In Suit

November 1, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Teen finds $2,000 in suit at church sale and returns the money. A Canadian teenager by the name of Tom Campbell found a wallet containing $2,000 in an old jacket at the Knox United Church rummage sale, returned the cash and got $200 as reward.

Teen Finds $2,000 In Suit

Teen finds $2,000 in suit, returns the cash and his story grabs headlines. Last Saturday, 14-year-old Tom Campbell attended a rummage sale at the Knox United Church in Brandon, Manitoba with his grandmother, Vivian Mitchell and he fell in love with an old leather jacket.

Campbell tried on the jacket and when he put his hands in the pockets, he found two wallets, each containing $1000. The teen explained that his first reaction was to keep the money, but eventually decided to do the right thing. He stated:

“I was very surprised and shocked to find both wallets in the pockets. I realized I should hand it in.”

Mitchell added:

“I couldn’t believe it. I opened the first one and I slammed it shut.”

The grandmother-grandson duo found an old check inside the jacket and tried to contact the owner in vain. Mitchell checked the obituaries and was able to track down the donor family and returned the money. The granny revealed:

“We’re in a small city and I thought I remembered an obituary with that name so I went back to the office and went on my computer, on the Internet and found the obituary.”

The teen and his grandmother met with the man’s brother who lives in Edmonton. The relative was so touched by the teenager’s action that he decided to give him $100.

As they were driving back home, the family member called and said that he would like to reward the young man with another $100. The grateful individual told the teen that it was only fair that he got $100 from each pocket.

Sale organizer, Norman Brown who helped the pair track the family confessed:

“It’s a wonderful story of truth and honesty with a young man and his grandmother,” said sale organizer Norman Brown.

Teen finds $2,000 in suit and is now being praised for his good deed.


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