Teen fights off would-be rapist at home: Mohammad Khaliqi arrested in San Leandro

May 9, 2015 | By TheSpreadit More

Teen fights off a would-be rapist, and the whole incident was caught on cam. The video of the attempted sexual assault went viral on social media, and concerned citizens helped police in California arrest Mohammad Khaliqi, who is also linked to another attempted rape case.

Mohammad Khaliqi

Teen fights off a would-be rapist, and she is now being applauded for her courage. A 13-year-old girl from San Jose, California was going home on Tuesday when a man, who was pretending to be lost, started following her.

The man initially started a conversation with the teenager, but the chat rapidly grew inappropriate. He then forced his way into her family home. When the man reached inside, he attempted to assault the young girl. She fought back, and he decided to leave. The teen went to hide in a closet and texted her father:


The brave girl spoke to police and gave a clear account of the incident. San Jose police Sergeant Enrique Garcia shared:

“The guy starts a conversation with her and when she opens up the door, the suspect pushes her in, tries to sexually assault her. The little girl is brave, she fights back, and the guy leaves on foot. He’s not concerned about being caught, since he’s doing this in broad daylight.”

The San Jose student added:

“I tried to slam the door on him but I couldn’t, so he got inside. He walked a few steps towards me and I thought he was going to grab me again… but he just turns around, looks out the door, and just walks away.”

Thanks to the family’s home surveillance system, investigators were able to get a clearer picture of the attack. They linked the man to an attempted assault that took place on April 2 involving a 28-year-old woman in a public restroom at Mitsuwa Marketplace, a Japanese grocery store. In both instances, the man managed to flee before police arrived.

After posting the video online, the San Jose Police Department received at least one hundred tips. Those clues led to the arrest of 31-year-old Mohammad Khaliqi on Friday morning in San Leandro. The suspect’s appearance had changed drastically in a matter of days. San Jose Deputy Chief Shawny Williams said:

“All the credit belongs to the citizens who called in with those tips, without their help it would’ve been difficult to arrest the suspect within 48 hours.”

Khaliqi did not resist arrest. The San Jose resident was booked into the Santa Clara County Jail for multiple counts of burglary, attempted sexual assault and false imprisonment.

Teen fights off a would-be rapist and has become a real hero on social media websites, while Khaliqi’s alleged actions have led to a lot of anti-Muslim comments.

What are your thoughts on this case?

Teen Fights Off Rapist


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  1. J. Bailey says:

    Too bad she wasn’t armed …

  2. R. Mexico says:

    This is why you teach kids how to fight.

  3. keith goodman says:

    sick people all up here in this world I am all up in here to tell ya. need to be done away with as soon as caught.

  4. Geneo says:

    This guy needs nutering! NOW!!!!!!

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