Teacher Killed Abu Dhabi: American Mother, 37, Dies After Abu Dhabi Mall Stabbing

December 3, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

American mother and teacher killed in Abu Dhabi mall by a person wearing a full abaya has prompted authorities to release several images, hoping the public will help capture the attacker. The American mother whose initials are ABR, apparently had a heated argument with her killer while at the restroom of the Boutik Mall.

american mother killed in abu dhabi mall

The American mother and teacher killed in Abu Dhabi mall is survived by 11-year-old twin boys and a former husband, according to The Iinquisitr. On Monday, an American teacher, who taught in kindergarten, was murdered in the restroom of the Boutik Mall on Reem Island.

According to Colonel Dr. Rashid Mohammad Borshid, Head of the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) at Abu Dhabi Police, at around 4 PM local time, the woman’s whose initials are ABR entered the bathroom, where she fought with another person, believed to be a female.

Several mall employees and shoppers heard the pair arguing in the ladies public toilets outside of Waitrose supermarket in the Sun and Sky Tower complex.

Vithi Cuc, a Vietnamese who has been working in the mall for over a year explained that the 37-year-old American was at the disabled toilet, while the other woman was at the adjacent toilet.

Cuc said that she has heard women have hot exchanges in the restroom, but this one was different. The worker said:

“I heard one of them threatening the other saying ‘Sit down or I’ll kill you.I heard banging sounds from the stall.I heard one of them try to call out for help. By this time there were three of us outside the toilet and one of us ran to get security. When the female security guard arrived they told us to leave the bathroom. I was so scared and frightened for her.”

The victim was stabbed with a sharp object and was rushed to Sheikh Khalifa Medical City, but died as a result of her injuries, according to authorities.

A man, who witnessed the incident, said the mother of two was bleeding on the floor outside of the supermarket’s entrance. He went on to reveal that the killer was unrecognizable because he or she was wearing an abaya, black gloves and the person’s face was covered by a niqab. Colonel Dr. Rashid Mohammad Borshid said:

“The police are investigating to uncover the crime’s causes and motives and to arrest the culprit.The Abu Dhabi Police will spare no effort in order to unveil this heinous crime and bring the culprit to justice.”

Borshid added:

“The Community Police will be providing the children with shelter and other needs pending the arrival of their father (the victim’s ex-husband) from abroad. The father will be received by the Community Police, who will also cater to the needs of the victim’s family.”

An American mother and teacher killed in Abu Dhabi mall, has local police searching for answers.


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