Taylor Hill: ‘I Didn’t Exist In High School,’ Claims Victoria’s Secret Angel

December 13, 2015 | By TheSpreadit More

Taylor Hill says “I didn’t exist” when talking about her high school days, and the story goes viral. The supermodel, who became a Victoria’s Secret Angel in 2015, has revealed that she was not a popular child in school and was the victim of bullying during that time.

Taylor Hill I Didn't Exist

Model Taylor Hill, 19, is considered by many as one of the hottest women on the planet. Her popularity has been soaring since 2014 when she joined the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. 2015 was even better, and she became a Victoria’s Secret Angel.

The young woman was not always as popular, during her high school years, Hill was even bullied by her peers. The Palatine, Illinois native is now sharing her unique story, and proving once more if need be that after high school it does get better for victims of bullying.

Earlier this week, Hill, who graduated from Pomona High School in Arvada, Colorado, told Cosmopolitan.com:

“I was the butt of everyone’s jokes [back then]. Tall, skinny Taylor. I didn’t like high school. I was ready. I was like, ‘Put me in the world — I don’t care. I’m a nerd. They don’t like me there.'”

She also stated that no one remembers that she went to Pomona High School and people are surprised when she mentions that she was there. Hill added:

“Boys didn’t like me then, and now they’re all like, ‘Hey, I went to school with you. Last time I checked, nobody remembers that I went to that school. People were shocked when they found out I went there. I didn’t exist back in the day.”

Hill wants her story to inspire young girls going through similar things or those who might be interested in a modeling career; it gets better. She explained:

“I would say that anything is possible, because I didn’t always think that I was beautiful and I didn’t always believe in myself, and I think it’s so important to have self confidence and always remember who you are. No matter what people tell you, it’s always about what you think of yourself in the end. People have told me a million things in my life — and especially my career as a model, like, “Oh she’s too pretty, she’s too tan, she’s too short, she’s too tall, she’s not skinny enough.” — and it’s crazy! You can’t listen to any of it and you have to remember who you are, what you do, and what makes you happy. That’s my message: happiness and positivity are such a huge thing for me.”

Taylor Hill was discovered at 14 by agent Jim Jordan and left high school. However, a year later, she was able to get her diploma. The latest Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show aired last night and was watched by close to seven million people.

What are your thoughts on Taylor Hill’s story?

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  1. S. Johnson says:

    This is exactly what happened to my now 18 y/o g/daughter. She is beautiful/stunning inside and out and an excellent student. As with Taylor, that was ‘held against her’. Hopefully, now in college she is beginning to learn that her own opinion is the only one that really matters. To all the similar girls out there, I wish you become aware of this and love yourself. A Proud and Supportive Grandmom.

  2. Jack Strong says:

    I think this gal is a bit of an airhead. She is cute, but I don’t think she is a standout. All you need to be a Victoria’s Secret model is to be kind of cute with a nice body. So if you look below the neck, yeah…above, uh, ok. I can see why she was nothing in high school because I don’t know of too many high schoolers going around wearing sexy VS lingerie…or sadly in my HS they didn’t…just my opinion.

  3. krisinger says:

    I understand you have an opinion and it wasn’t that offensive, but she received her diploma at 15, one year after leaving school. Most kids who leave school at 14 NEVER finish and certainly not one year after leaving. I don’t know of any airhead who has done that. Many women are not “standouts” by any man’s opinion because we have set a standard that requires make up, lighting, and photo retouching to hide any flaws BEFORE women are seen as beautiful. I am not a fan of VS for various reasons, but she proves that high school does not have to define us….a message all teens need to hear at a time when they are particularly vulnerable to societal messages.

  4. constantreader says:

    She left school at 14? That’s why no one remembers her. fwiw, if she left school that young, and for a MODELING contract at that, she didn’t really endure that much bullying imo.

  5. Marsha Arsenian says:

    Oh my gosh – what is wrong with you people? She is absolutely gorgeous, and naturally! Darling face, beautiful eyes and hair and GREAT body – not a “nice” body. Sheesh! I don’t know what it takes in this crazy world we live in – but this girl has my vote. And who gives a darn when she got her dipoloma? She got it!

  6. Kim says:

    I dunno about anyone else, but when I was 14 it was my first year of high school, if she left high school at 14 she didn’t get through much of it. no wonder no one remembers her, high schools generally have several middle schoolers from around people moving in and out all the time, private schoolers going mainstream, etc, its a huge bowl of influx of all sorts of new students. I dunno, while her words are inspiring, and yeah shes got a nice body and stuff, I just am not all that amazed by her story. I’d be more amazed if she went through all 4 years and graduated at 18 and told stories of not going to proms and things like that

  7. BSHighlighter says:

    This is all just an attention grab. One, she basically didnt go to high school. She essentially had just started high school and then was noticed by a modeling agent. How can you possibly say that you were bullied throughout hs and that nobody noticed you in hs when you were only there for less than a year… Nobody noticed this girl in hs because she wasnt there for more than a few months.

    She also claimed boys did not pay attention to her. One, if she was recruited by a modeling agency then boys were definitely noticing her. What the real scenario was which is most likely the case, was that she was noticed by many boys, she just didnt notice those boys.

    Lets pretend for a second though that she actually wasn’t noticed by any boys…. So what? Boys aren’t obligated to be attracted to every female out there. If we flip the script and say it was a boy who couldnt get any attention from girls then nobody would care. In fact people would most likely laugh at that.

    We live in a truly sick and twisted society. We have victoria secret models claiming how hard of a time they had in high school when they didnt even go to high school. She also claims nobody was attracted to her…. And whats worse is the world will say “Aw sweety, you’re so attractive; marry me; dont let the haters get you down you are beautiful”. You idiots dont think she already knows this.

    You all are giving sympathy to a model because she said once upon a time people didnt like her and didnt think she was attractive. To top it all off the only reason people give her the sympathy points she is begging for is because she is attractive and successful.

    This planet is full of people who choose to ignore reality.

    • Jay says:

      Did she state she was “bullied THROUGHOUT high school?”
      Bullying has no time requirements on it.
      A girl can be so much a knockout that boys will be hesitant to approach her for fear of rejection.
      If she was a bit shy and tall and skinny she would possibly have a self confidence issue.
      I don’t see her ‘begging’ for anything.
      You enjoy throwing harsh criticisms around with much glee.
      You determine what the real scenario is and you call us “idiots”?
      Reading her comments I don’t see her saying she didn’t finish the one year she was in high school. Did you read that or did you simply use your superior inductive skills to come to that conclusion?
      I don’t have sympathy for her. She seems to be forging her way into where she wants to be.
      How about you BS boy? You doing as well in life as she? Or are you BS boy screaming out your pathetic dismay that life ain’t fair?

  8. Steve Findlay says:

    I think it is great that she finished HS AS she did her diploma don’t be so critical at least she is doing something that will help her get further in LIFE and she is NOT doing porn or drugs I would think VS would be monitoring things like that, be proud of what she has accomplished so far and pray that she can cope with the pressure put on these young ladies!

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