Taraji Kemp Amber Alert Canceled: Baby Found Alive

March 1, 2016 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Taraji Kemp’s Amber Alert has been lifted. According to Florida officials, baby Taraji Kemp, who was allegedly kidnapped by Stephanie Augustin on Friday, has been found alive and well.

Taraji Kemp Amber Alert

An Amber Alert for Taraji Kemp has now been lifted after the two-month-old baby was found alive.

Friday night, baby Taraji Kemp and her mother, whose name has not been revealed, were asleep at a Fort Lauderdale home when at about 11 p.m., at least, two intruders broke in. The criminals, who were armed, took the baby girl and fled the location.

The distraught mother immediately called the authorities, who issued an Amber Alert statewide and started a search of the neighborhood using dogs but in vain. Broward County Sheriff’s Office spokeswoman Joy Oglesby revealed that police interviewed Taraji’s parents and the other residents of the house. Oglesby also gave a brief description of little Kemp saying:

“Taraji is described is black and was last seen wearing a pink onesie. She has a birthmark on her chest. She is believed to be with two men, at least one of them black, in a dark colored Nissan sedan.Anyone spotting the girl is asked to call Broward sheriff’s detectives at 954-476-4731 or 911.”

On Saturday morning, the infant was found alive more than 200 miles away from her home after a 17-hour search. Stephanie Augustin, 23, who is allegedly one of the kidnappers, has also been located and is speaking with detectives.

Oglesby revealed that Taraji has been taken to an Orlando hospital, and they were just waiting for a positive official identification. It is not known if Taraji had been with Augustin or what led to the baby’s discovery. Oglesby told local media just moments ago:

“Any time a child is taken, especially this young, they’re still in diapers, they need milk, they’re sleeping constantly. We definitely want to reunite this baby with their mother.”

While many people are happy to know that Taraji Kemp is doing well, some find the story “suspect.” One person said:

“People don’t just break into someone’s house and steal a baby. There’s definitely foul play going on.”

A commenter added:

Could be the father?

Another one declared:

“This story is very suspect to me.”

What are your thoughts Taraji Kemp’s story?


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  1. GreatLakes573 says:

    I’m just glad she is alive and well!

  2. Sharon says:

    Whatever happened…I am just happy the baby was found and is well.

  3. Patricia l Stahler says:

    I’m glad that they found her alive

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