Tamron Hall Gets Slammed By Anonymous Sources After Leaving NBC News

February 22, 2017 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Tamron Hall NBC News Rumors

Tamron Hall‘s ears must continually be ringing with the number of people bad-mouthing her since she turned down a $2 million contract to stay on NBC. Several of Hall’s former co-anchors are cashing on her exit from Today by selling what would be considered as outrageous and scandalous stories about the Texas TV star.

One person, who did not wish to be identified, said she worked with the reporter and she was as rude and unprofessional as they come. The NBC spy said that despite being colleagues for numerous years, Hall never bothered to learn her name.

The source explained: “She was very difficult. She could have an attitude and was sometimes short and rude with the staff. If you were not Matt Lauer or talent, it could seem like she had no time for you.” Another insider stated that Hall was not friendly which is why she will not be missed.

The spy confessed after the staff learned that Hall had quit her hosting gig it never crossed anyone’s mind to throw her a goodbye party because a person with such a diva attitude was not worthy of that kind of gesture. Good riddance, said a third source who claimed that they were happy that Hall was being replaced with Megyn Kelly.

The anti-Hall source shared: “TV is a cutthroat business and Tamron is one of the best. Behind her are a long line of people she stepped over to get to the top. She makes friends with the right people and ignores everyone else. But this time she was outplayed by Kelly.”

Hall and her old co-host, All Roker, were demoted so their 9 AM hour could go to the former Kelly File host. Rumors claimed that NBC begged Hall to stay on, but she declined.

It is being reported that Hall is being pushed by her surrounding to aggressively pursue Kelly Ripa to obtain the spot left open by Michael Strahan on Live with Kelly.


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