Taco Bell Patron Shot With BB Gun, Steven Noska Arrested

July 16, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Taco Bell Patron Shot With BB

Taco Bell patron shot with BB gun after fight with employee for Tacos. A Taco Bell worker in Massachusetts frustrated by a patron’s behavior took out his BB gun and shot the man several times before pistol whipping him. The employee named Steven Noska told police that the customer was rude and angry because the service was not fast enough which is why he went for his BB gun.

Taco Bell patron shot with BB gun after altercation.

On Sunday the employee of a Taco Bell restaurant located at 633 Liberty Street in Springfield, Massachusetts got into a fight with a customer.

According to the police (the full report written by officers William LaPorte and Angel Marrero posted on the Springfield Police Department Facebook page is below and is hilarious), at around 4 AM the patron attempted to use the drive-thru window to order food.

Taco Bell Patron Shot With BB Gun

When he discovered that the window was closed, he started banging on it with his fists hoping to get someone’s reaction.

Upon the realization that no staff members would take his order, he grew angry and went to the front door which was locked and started hitting it while cussing at the workers.

Steven Noska who was working that morning got into a fight with the client who bit him several times on the arm.

At some point Steven Noska got tired of the brawl and went to his car and came back with his BB gun and shot the patron couple of times.

After shooting the angry man, the worker proceeded to pistol whip the client.

Police were called to the scene by a handful of people who witnessed the incident and recorded it with their phones.

Steven Noska, 26 was arrested and charged with assault and battery dangerous weapon.

The client also 26 was not arrested but will forever be known as the patron who was shot with a BB gun because he did not get his tacos and burritos fast enough.


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