Suzanne Somers Bikini: Meredith Vieira Shows Stunning Photos Of Actress Suzanne Somers

October 18, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Suzanne Somers, 68, is on the cover of The National Enquirer, in a two-piece black bikini, the actress talked about the unusual photo shoot on The Meredith Vieira Show Thursday.

suzanne somers bikini vieira

Suzanne Somers bikini photos were revealed by Meredith Vieira, earlier this week, and they have sparked an interesting debate on the aging process. The Three’s Company actress says it is time to rethink how people age.

Somers was more than happy to talk about her sexy bikini body with Vieira. The gorgeous Somers who turned 68 this week, stopped by Vieira’s show where she spilled the best kept secret in Hollywood – sometimes the paparazzi pay stars for their amazing bikini pictures.

She just killed the myth that Kim Kardashian just happened to look perfect and heavily photoshopped even on a Mexican beach. Mrs Somers said that she was recently contacted by The National Enquirer for some bikini pics.

The Full House actress said that she was surprised and asked the publication, if it was a joke. Somers went on to reveal that she thought about the offer and decided that it would be a great opportunity to show other women that you can grow old in a graceful way.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star’s goal was to take a stand against plastic surgery and anti-aging pills. The funny lady said that she called the photographers and told them she would be strolling on a California beach with hubby Alan Hamel, and they are welcomed to tag along.

In order to obtain a flattering bikini picture, Suzanne Somers claimed that she spent several hours walking around while sucking in her belly.

While it might have been painful, it worked, the paparazzi snapped a stunning picture of Suzanne in a black bikini emerging from the water like Halle Berry in Die Another Day.

She said that she is proud of her healthy lifestyle and wants to be an example.

Check out the interview where Suzanne Somers talked about battling breast cancer, regrowing her breast, her bikini pic and find out why she got boob touched by Meredith Vieira.


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  1. Trish says:

    She “regrew her breast”!?!?!? That is amazing, she must be part lizard!

    • Sharon says:

      I had seen her on another show, she explained it was a stem cell procedure that made it possible. If has not had plastic surgery she is a great spokesperson for the bio identical hormones, however having great insurance and a lot of money no doubt helps even with that. She looks wonderful in my opinion.

    • BOBBY McGEE says:

      part starfish

  2. Turry says:

    I’m sorry, this is distasteful, disqusting, sick, all those things. Who in hell wants to see this shrivel up thing at 70. Tell her to keep her knees together. We don’t want anything to fall out.

    • Cherokeerebel says:

      You better hope you look that good at that age. If you can’t say anything nice, just shut the hell up!

    • Anthony says:

      Turry, eat a d8ck. Women obviously aren’t for you.

    • Frank says:

      You suck!

    • Dan says:

      What is disgusting distasteful and sick is YOUR COMMENT! Do you have parents and grandparents? Let me guess, you find them them also disgusting, distasteful and sick! Poor thing, you need help before you become that age and look 20 times worse.

    • Bev says:

      I agree with everyone else here. You are obviously either a stupid, immature, twit…or you’re gay. Ms. Somers is not only gorgeous but very inspiring as well. Grow the hell up!

  3. BOBBY McGEE says:

    I don’t think this is wonderful. it is the media celebrating what women go through….many surgeries, which actually Joan Rivers just gave her life for, to try and desperately hang on to their quickly fading beauty by injections of toxins like Botox, insertion of foreign objects into your body like breast and butt implants, and dangerous surgeries that become increasingly risky as one ages.

    • Rich says:

      Hope you never have to have knee replacement or hips done. They have given me new life, I was left to the couch before these surgeries. I am not so quick to judge others until I have walked in their shoes. Why not try to regrow, her original breast tried to kill her. Try that on for size!

    • Lisa says:

      Dude…she is a liar if she says she has not had surgery, plastic that is. Look at her face, no one’s face looks like that at 68.

      • Bev says:

        Well it’s obvious she’s had some fillers and botox. Although I don’t know hether that counts as “plastic surgery” or not. She had reconstructive surgery done after her cancer…but she’s never had implants or lipo. She was always fit and well endowed.

  4. Lou says:

    Turry – you could be a spokesperson for someone who’s ugly inside out. For the rest of us its not about Suzannes body as much as someone who took her life into her own hands and successfully healed herself. We need more role models like this during Breast Cancer Awareness month. Too many of us are dying in the process of allowing others to make decisions for us!

  5. stella says:

    Looks like Courtney Love in the water. And that person standing next to Meredith V. does NOT look like the original Suzanne Somers. She’s had so much plastic surgery, she looks like a mutant. How is this something to be proud of? Show me a pic of her in a bikini WITHOUT any surgery or a boob lift, like Helen Mirren, and then I will applaud her. Until then she looks like every other cookie cutter freak in Hollywood with too much plastic surgery and too much money to spend on it.

  6. Elizabeth says:

    AH-MAZING!!!!! She “regrew her breast”!!!! Truly, she must be part lizard or star fish!!!
    Honestly-this photo of her and Meredith does not look at all like the actress from Three’s Company-either this has been photo shopped ad infinitum or she has had a ton of work done. Granted, she does look great for her or any age, but let’s get real Suzanne, and fess up.

  7. TheSpreadit says:

    Suzanne Somers was a guest-star on “Full House” in 1994.

  8. vester puddytat says:

    i can help her with her hair– i do my own– see avatar if it prints– if not just be jealous. meow.

  9. lisa says:

    She does look great, however her comment bout regrowing her breast bothered me. Even if she did (I don’t buy it) but most of us don’t have that option. So see if she doesn’t have an implant popped in there

    • Bev says:

      Apparently there are a few natural methods to grow your breasts. Taking herbs like fenugreek, wild yam, red clover, and the other one that starts with “P” (sorry can’t spell it) and breast massage all help. Breast implants aren’t the only option to get “bigger ones”.

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