Supervalu Security Breach Is Being Investigated

August 15, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Supervalu Security

Supervalu security breach is making headlines. In a press release, Supervalu announced that 1,000 of their stores suffered security issues. Supervalu has listed the locations of the supermarkets that were affected and will be offering identity theft protection services to their customers. Albertsons, Inc, previously owned by SuperValu, Inc. has also revealed that their security system was hacked.

On Friday, Supervalu revealed that a majority of their stores and umbrella retailers suffered a massive security breach.

In a press release, the company stated that they were hacked between June 22 and July 17.

The Minnesota based supermarket chain explained that they are investigation the matter, but has not notified their clients as yet.

They have learned that the hackers installed a malicious software on their point-of-sale network.

The malware impacted their cash registers and; therefore, information such as credit card numbers, holders names and expiration dates could have been stolen.

But at the moment they do not know what kind data were taken if any.

Some of the branches that were hacked included Hornbacher’s in North Dakota. Cub Foods in the states of Illinois and Minnesota. Shop ‘N Save in Missouri and Illinois

Farm Fresh Food & Pharmacy and Shoppers in Virginia. While they have no idea how many, or if any of their clients were inconvenienced by this impressive hack, they are offering identity theft protection services to them for one year.

Today Albertsons, which oddly enough previously belonged to SuperValu and Cerberus Group also suffered a hacking breach.

Albertsons’ retail stores including Jewel-Osco, Shaw’s and Star Market supermarkets all had their computer network broken into.

For an unknown reason, the giant grocery company has declined to say how many of their 1,060 locations and when they had their payment card system breached.

Some experts believe that at least 700 stores in California, Oregon, Washington and Wyoming were impacted.

After Target’s colossal data breach during the Christmas holidays, customers have been asked to verify their bank statements regularly.

Most banks will rapidly refund their clients after they have filed paperwork disputing the illegal purchases made by thieves.

The Supervalu security breach is not really a surprise after news broke that a Russian group had hacked 1.2 billion email accounts.


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