Stormy Keffeler Resigns As Miss Washington USA, Investigated In Marco Pappa Stabbing Incident

January 17, 2016 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Stormy Keffeler, aka Miss Washington, and Marco Pappa are embroiled in a bizarre stabbing incident. According to Seattle police, Keffeler and Pappa were found in a hotel room covered in blood, and the soccer player had several stabbing wounds that the duo can not explain.

Marco Pappa Stormy Keffeler

Stormy Keffeler is having a terrible week; first she was forced to admit that she lied to officials of the Miss Washington pageant about her DUI and now she is being quizzed by police for the stabbing of Major League Soccer player Marco Pappa.

On Wednesday, police in Washington revealed that they are questioning Keffeler after she was found in a hotel room in December along with former Seattle Sounders player Marco Pappa. According to the authorities, both Keffeler and Pappa were covered with blood and the Guatemalan soccer player had sustained several wounds to his abdomen.

The athlete underwent surgery for his injuries and was later traded to Colorado. During the investigation, Keffeler gave one story about the bloody incident, and Pappa shared another. Few days later, the duo changed the stories they initially told police. It is unclear who is lying and why.

Thus far no one has been arrested, and police are still searching for answers. The news of the stabbing comes just days after it was revealed that Keffeler might lose her Miss Washington USA title because she failed to disclose a drunken-driving arrest.

Keffeler, 23, who was crowned in October, was arrested in April 2015 and eventually pleaded guilty to driving in Seattle with a blood alcohol level that was nearly three times the legal limit. In an interview this week, the model wept as she apologized for her actions, and for not revealing the arrest to the pageant’s officials.

The Legends Football League (previously known as the Lingerie Football League) member stated:

“I am so sorry to anybody that I’ve disappointed and I can assure you that anything that’s said [about me] I’ve thought so much worse of myself. I’m very sorry for misfilling out the paperwork. I never meant to hurt anybody or to offend anybody.”

A pageant official, Maureen Francisco, co-executive producer of Miss Washington USA, said they recently found out about Keffeler’s conviction, and they have not yet taken a decision on the matter. Francisco explained:

“We tell these young women you are a role model to somebody so you are going to be in the public eye whether you like it or not. There’s no such thing as a private life.”

Update: Stormy Keffeler has resigned as Miss Washington USA, and she will be replaced by first runner-up Kelsey Schmidt at the Miss USA contest later this year.

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  1. nooneuknow says:

    Well, Ms. Keffeler has proven herself to be just another drunk and common criminal! What a role model the Washington Pageant has chosen! As far as the stabbing is concerned? Probably a dispute between the two of them over the last drink in the bottle of booze or who was gonna’ smoke the last Crack Rock!

  2. Picu says:

    Was NEVER “beautiful” and know for a FACT she’s on MORE than alcohol and does NOT look like those fake airbrushed photos in person. A FEMALE pageant winner in a HOTEL room with 2 GUYS and 1 gets stabbed = fight over SEX, DRUGS, and/or MONEY. Nothing else.

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