Stephanie Taubin Red Sox Drama: Injured Fan Sues Owner John Henry

August 30, 2015 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Stephanie Taubin, a Red Sox fan, has sued the professional baseball team and its owner, John Henry, for an unspecific amount after getting hit and injured by a foul ball. According to Taubin, she was left with facial fractures, neurological damage, which made it difficult for her to work and properly earn a living.

Stephanie Taubin Red Sox

Stephanie Taubin is suing the Red Sox for an incident that occurred one year ago. In June of 2014, Taubin, and countless fans attended a Red Sox game at the team’s home ballpark Fenway Park in Boston, Massachusetts.

While enjoying the game, a foul ball struck her on the forehead. Taubin was sitting in a section above home plate known as the EMC Club that was supposed to be protected by a glass, but was under renovation, so it was therefore removed.

The ball left Taubin with injuries on her face and head, and she was rushed to a nearby hospital. This week, a lawyer for the baseball fan filed a lawsuit in a Massachusetts superior court against Boston Red Sox’s owner, John Henry. The documents obtained from the Suffolk Superior Court showed that Taubin is asking for unspecified damages. The 46-year-old from Brookline claimed that she suffered facial fractures and neurological damage.
Stephanie Taubin took part in several interviews after the incident revealing a massive cut on her head.

The woman said that the absence of the glass at the park put her at a greater risk for injuries. According to the Boston Globe, which also belongs to the owner of the Red Sox, the suit read:

“Stephanie Taubin’s complaint alleges the protective glass that was supposed to guard the seats above home plate where she was sitting had been removed while the stadium underwent renovations. That left the area “at greater risk of foul balls entering that [section] of Fenway Park.”

While she did not reveal how much money she is requesting, she did explain that she lost wages due to her pain. The filing went on say:

“Taubin suffered facial fractures and neurological damage from the ball’s impact, the complaint alleges, costing her quite a bit of money in medical expenses, lost wages and diminished earning capacity.”

A spokesperson for Mr. Henry had the following to say about the lawsuit:

“He is unaware of the specifics [of the lawsuit] and generally does not comment on pending legal matters. But the safety of Red Sox fans and providing a quality ballpark experience are essential to the Red Sox, and to Mr. Henry, and are goals for which we strive as an organization to deliver.”

The suit comes on the heels of two other disturbing incidents at the park. On June 5, Tonya Carpenter was hit by a shattered bat and on July 10, Stephanie Wapenski was struck by a ball. Both women are recovering well, according to their doctors.


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  1. nikki says:

    seriously???????????? sounds like this chick just wants money. it was a foul ball. it is not like it was done deliberately. if a judge sides with her he should be disbarred

    • Adrian says:

      NO Its is you who should be “disbarred” . Are you conveniently forgetting about the missing piece of safety glass ? Fenway is a hundred year old design and a fifty year old build .. Its time to modernize ..Conservatives .. move aside !

      • Buster says:

        Shut up. Read the back of the ticket.

      • Buddy says:

        NO, it’s you that is wrong. If you’re sitting in a section where a foul ball “may” strike you, it’s up to the individual to bring a glove and PAY ATTENTION to what’s going on around you! How about, oh I don’t know, watch the ballgame you paid to see? Geez, whiny bleeding hearts that want to be GIVEN something instead of EARNING it on your own!

      • Gordon Law says:

        Baseball parks use some netting, not safety glass. By the way, most professional sports sell tickets with damage disclaimers on the back of the tickets (very fine print). Most people know that when you enter the complex that your safety is your responsibility. Her lawyer(s) are going to fleece her…well.

      • Aaron says:

        it’s like going to a hockey game. there’s not netting around the entire rink and there’s always a chance of getting hit by a puck. If you don’t want to take the chance at getting hit by a ball…or a batt, STAY HOME and watch it on TV. What this is going to lead to is ball parks putting up netting around the majority of the infield, ruining it for the rest of us who go knowing the risks.

  2. Mohammed Ali Singh says:

    That’s stupid. Why is she being a moron smiling with an injury like that for?

    • India Maria says:

      It said she suffered neurological damage, so brain damage would be my guess as to why she’s smiling like a moron.

      • el Rando says:

        “…she’s smiling like a moron.” Best guess is, she IS a moron. And sort of attractive in an S/M sort of way.

  3. donttreadonme says:

    Getting hit right between the eyes doesn’t seem to have affected your gold-digging smile.

  4. David says:

    Every ticket to every baseball game that I have attended in many different venue’s have written on the back a disclaimer. It tells of the inherent risk involved, the fan assumes these risk and the ballpark and team are absolved from liability. In forty years I have never seen a fan collect more than an autographed ball, bat or maybe season tickets. She should get a big fat zero.

  5. Dragin' says:

    It wasn’t the Red Sox fault, it was the stadium’s. They admitted that the partition that should have protected her, was down for repairs.

  6. Adrian says:

    I’d give her an apology and a season ticket ..back in 2014 right after the incident .. Now, its too late …

  7. Michael David says:

    Fans simply need to pay attention while at these games. Bring a glove, watch the game. I’m not sure what she was doing when the ball was hit, but if she was on playing on her phone or jabbing with her friends, then it’s her fault.

  8. Rather Not says:

    Even with the glass removed there is Still plenty of reaction time to get your hands up to protect your face or to duck down. Obviously, one has a much better chance of getting out of the way of a foul ball if they get there face out of their Ipad and watched the game. So now the owners of the club will turn this mess over to his insurance company which in the long run will only hurt the fans. Team and stadium insurance prices will go up with the true fans footing the bill with higher ticket prices because one woman isn’t paying attention to the game and gets hit with a foul ball. Now she’s smiling in the photo because she see’s $$$ in her eyes. Ban her for life from ever coming to another game.

  9. chris says:

    she got season ticket now she want to sue, give up lady its a ballgame thing like this happens

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