Star Wars Deleted Scenes: ‘Deleted Magic’ Is A Hit With Star Wars Fans

November 27, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Star Wars: Deleted Magic is a new documentary put together by Star Wars superfan, Garrett Gilchrist, who has managed to gather hundreds of deleted and unfinished scenes, making-of footage, and interviews that have been released through out the years. Star Wars: Deleted Magic first appeared online in 2005 and Gilchrist has added more scenes, and released it via Vimeo.

Star Wars Deleted Scenes Deleted Magic

Hundreds of Star Wars deleted scenes from the original are now featured in a documentary entitled Star Wars: Deleted Magic that was put together by Garrett Gilchrist.

Gilchrist is a filmmaker and artist who is also a diehard fan of Star Wars. In 2005, Gilchrist went through thousands of interviews, deleted and incomplete scenes, and making-of footage to create a two-hour documentary called Star Wars: Deleted Magic.

In 2009, the filmmaker revisited the documentary and added never before seen table reads and alternate takes.

He had the following to say about the revisited version of Star Wars: Deleted Magic:

“This was a big hit on the ‘net back in 2005, and was revisited in 2009. A very detailed look behind the scenes at how messy the making of Star Wars was, and how it was famously saved in the editing room, it inspired two unofficial followups by another editor – Building Empire and Returning to Jedi.Lots of unusual things here- any rarities or fan projects I’ve collected or created.”

He went on to explain:

“‘Deleted Magic’ is a feature-length documentary about the deleted scenes of the Star Wars trilogy, and about how the movies we know and love were made and edited together. It is taken from information, sources and home videos officially released by Lucasfilm. This project is not an official Lucasfilm project — it is an unofficial, not-for-profit research project, done in the spirit of fun by a Star Wars fan to be both informative and entertaining.”

The two videos posted on Vimeo had received millions of views, but it appears that they have been deleted.

Hopefully Star Wars: Deleted Magic will be posted again.


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