Stacey Dash 1,344 Word Rant On Obama Election Win

Garrett Montgomery | November 7, 2012 | 0 Comments More

Like Donald Trump, Stacey Dash is bitter by the election results. The “Clueless” actress who announced that she was supporting Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan during the presidential campaign got very upset when she learned that her team had lost on November 6th.

She went on her blog where she ranted about Obama whom she called by his middle name. Dash also slammed people on food stamps who buy mash-mellow.

In her 1,344 word essay she talked about the fact that some called Romney/Ryan the white ticket and decided not to vote for them.

She also gave her opinion on the fact the African Americans came out in record high numbers to support Obama. There is also a big portion on the Senate mismanaging funds.

You can read Stacey Dash’s epic rant below:

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