South Carolina officer shot: Allen Jacobs killed by suspect Deontea Mackey, who is dead

March 21, 2016 | By Garrett Montgomery More

A South Carolina officer shot by a suspect, who later committed suicide, has an entire community mourning. Officer Allen Jacobs was attempting to question Deontea Mackey about a weapon purchase when he was shot multiple times. Moments after the death of the South Carolina officer, the teenager allegedly called his mother, said goodbye, and killed himself.

Deonte Perry Mackey

A South Carolina officer fatally shot while on duty left behind a loving wife, two small children, and a third baby on the way. On Friday, Greenville Police Chief Ken Miller held a press conference where he delivered some devastating news to a family and an entire community – Officer Allen Jacobs was fatally shot by a young suspect.

According to Miller, at around 12:30 p.m., several officers including Jacobs approached seventeen-year-old Deontea Mackey, who had recently been released from prison to interview him about a weapon purchase. Miller disputed the claims that the officers were serving a warrant and revealed that the teen was a “self-admitted” gang member.

Mackey ran and hid behind a home near Rebecca Street and Ackley Road in the Nicholtown neighborhood where he opened fire. Miller said that Officer Jacobs, 28, was struck multiple times, and added:

“Police at the scene “performed CPR on our officer, the CPR was unsuccessful and he was declared deceased at the hospital. Jacobs’ gun remained in his holster, still snapped in place.”

The teen ran from the police a second time – and that is the last he was seen alive. While on the run, the young man apparently called his mother presumably to tell her that he loved her and said goodbye before taking his life.

Miller said Jacobs was a husband, father of two, and expecting a third child. He served with the Army in Iraq and was on Greenville’s police force for four and a half years. Jacobs was awarded a purple heart last year. He was hit by a car while on duty in May 2014. Miller said:

“He was as dedicated as anyone can be dedicated. We lose, we hurt, we ache, we feel this, but our community will too.”

After the shooting, the department changed the profile picture on its Facebook page to show a Greenville police badge covered by a black banner. There was a vigil planned for the late South Carolina officer at 8 p.m. Friday at All Saints Anglican Church.

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