SoundCloud Go Aims To Take Down Big Players In Streaming Market

March 30, 2016 | By Garrett Montgomery More

SoundCloud has launched a new paid service called SoundCloud Go that will compete with giants like Spotify and Apple Music. SoundCloud Go is available for free for 30 days and will eventually cost $9.99 per month.

SoundCloud Go

SoundCloud Go is officially a go, but the question on everybody’s mind is, will it succeed? In a new press release, SoundCloud, the global online audio distribution platform based in Berlin, Germany, has announced the launch of a new premium music streaming service called SoundCloud Go.

The service is currently available for free for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad users, for 30 days, but will eventually be priced at $9.99 per month. Everyone predicted the move after SoundCloud announced earlier this year that it had signed a deal with Sony Music Entertainment and Universal Music Group for their artists to make money from their tracks hosted on SoundCloud’s service.

So, what will the potential 175 million SoundCloud users get for their money?

Introducing SoundCloud Go. From major artists to upstart indies to your friend’s bedroom recordings, you can now listen to your favorite music and new discoveries, offline and ad-free.

Get SoundCloud Go and:

– Play all tracks
Access a newly expanded catalog of everything from Grammy-winners to garage bands.

– Listen offline
Listen to your favorite tracks anytime, anywhere, with or without signal.

– Go ad-free
Listen without any ad interruptions.

Get it free for first 30 days, and $12.99/month after that.*

*Free 30-day trial only available for users who haven’t previously subscribed to SoundCloud Go. Trial must be canceled within 30 days of subscribing or will automatically renew for $12.99/month. Offer limited to users based in the U.S.

Many predict that SoundCloud Go will have a tough time competing with Apple Music, which has around 11 million paid users, and Spotify, that has 30 million. However, SoundCloud’s CEO Alex Ljung thinks otherwise:

“…this new service’s secret weapon will be the ability to integrate premium songs and the free tracks, like live and rough cuts, that SoundCloud built its reputation on. Before, you’d have to use two or three services to get all the tracks into different playlists. It feels very different when you can have one playlist with everything you want, whether it’s back catalog Drake or a beef track he just recorded.”

What are your thoughts on SoundCloud Go?


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