Snoozing Kanye Called Out By Elsa At Disneyland

June 16, 2015 | By Garrett Montgomery More

A snoozing Kanye is no match for Elsa. Being an artist, business mogul, father, husband, and fashion designer took a toll on Kanye West. The rapper was caught sleeping as he attended a live Frozen show at Disneyland during North West’s 2nd birthday party – which prompted princess Elsa to call him out.

snoozing kanye

The picture of a snoozing Kanye West on his daughter’s birthday has gone viral. Kanye is a multi-tasker. He is a rapper, songwriter, record producer, entrepreneur, fashion designer, the dad of a toddler with another one the way, the husband of Kim Kardashian and sometimes a trouble maker. All of this could explain why he was so tired and fell asleep during North West’s birthday bash.

On June 15, the entire Kardashian/Jenner clan jetted out to Disneyland in Anaheim, California for a Minnie Mouse themed bash for Nori, who turned 2.

The family enjoyed fun rides, churros and decided to catch A Frozen Sing-Along Celebration at the amusement park.

Moreover, while North was thrilled to hear Elsa sing “Let it Go,” Kanye West, who was probably tired of walking around, decided to take a nap. The show lasted about 30 minutes, and the 38-year-old rapper slept for about – you guessed it – 30 minutes.

Several people, who spotted Mr. West sleeping, snapped pictures and shared them on social media. Rachel Anne, the actress and singer, who plays Elsa, also posted a photo of a snoozing Kanye West and called him out. She wrote:

Kanye West fell asleep during @DisneyFrozen show @Disneyland California Adventure

West did not spend the entire trip napping, according to sources, he was very affectionate with his family. A person claimed:

“They are celebrating North’s birthday at Fantasyland and having fun on attractions like the King Arthur Carrousel, the Mad Tea Party ride and Dumbo the Flying Elephant.Kim looks great. She and Kanye also look very happy and keep cuddling. You can tell they are having a blast celebrating North’s special day.”

What are your thoughts on Kanye West’s nap?


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  1. patrick johnston says:

    This man is a very hard working father and there has been no evidence to the contrary. Most celebrities would have their assistants or their Nanny’s take their children to something like this. I have to give credit where credit is due and I am very happy to see that Kim and Kanye rise above all the B.S. directed there way and find time to spend as a family. I think it is great keep on pushin’

  2. Zeke Teke says:

    I hate Kanye West. Very much. But I will even say that the man is at Disney World with his kid. Who knows how exhausted he was by the time this show took place? I would probably have taken a nap too.

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