Smacked Emergency New Hampshire: NH Declares State of Emergency Over Synthetic Marijuana

August 16, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Smacked Emergency New Hampshire

Smacked prompts state of emergency in New Hampshire. A new synthetic drug called Smacked is raging the state of New Hampshire, and causing several overdoses per day pushing governor Maggie Hassan to declare a state of emergency. The state of emergency makes it possible for health officials to investigates stores, and punish the owners and have Smacked removed from the shelves. Thus, far over 40 people have been hospitalized after inhaling, or drinking Smacked as potpourri.

This week, officials in New Hampshire were forced to hold a press conference to declare a state of emergency after more than 40 people had overdosed after using a the synthetic drug known as “Smacked.”

According to governor Maggie Hassan in the last 5 days, a total of 44 people, mainly teens from Manchester and Concord have overdosed on Smacked.

Young folks in the state have been addicted to the bubblegum flavor of Smacked, which has been making many Englishmen sick over the years.

Thankfully, none of the drug users died.

Hassan’s announcement allowed her to send health officials into the stores selling Smacked products and removed them from the shelves.

Those store owners also lost their licenses. Smacked is sold in many convenience stores all over America as potpourri, with a label that clearly states it is not made for human consumption.

But this is not granny’s potpourri, the sweet smelling herbs are mixed with a chemically engineered substance that produces the same effects/high as THC (tetrahydrocannabinol—the active ingredient in cannabis).

Teenagers who dubbed products such as “Crazy Monkey” and “Green Giant” legal marijuana, either directly smoke Smacked, or brew it and drink it like tea.

While the herbal incense products have not caused any deaths in New Hampshire, they have been deadly in California.

In mid July, Connor Reid Eckhardt, 19, fell into a coma and died just hours after smoking Spice or K2, which is a faux weed with chemicals intended to mimic marijuana.

During the 2012 Christmas holidays, Emily Bauer, 16, from Texas tried the fake pot and suffered a stroke that left her partially blind, wheelchair-bound and is now unable to read and write.


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