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Garrett Montgomery | July 9, 2010 | 4 Comments More Login Problems after made News – An Indiana man used a Democratic Candidate’s photo when he signed up for a dating site. The candidate, named Hector Uribe, had taken the picture in question while with a talent agency, in search of an acting job. He appears to be a bit older now, but you can still easily see that the man in the photo is Uribe. The photo was used on the dating website Apparently, the man didn’t think that he could use his own picture to try to seal the deal.

In the description of himself that he left on the website he said that he was a “great” person, who was lovable and wanted no kind of drama.
“Uribe wants to protect Texas beaches, while ‘Man4All’ enjoys going to the beach, perhaps to stereotypically take long moonlit walks with that special someone,” a representative for Uribe said in a response to the story.

On the page, the man running the “Man4All” account states that he likes photography. It seems interesting that he would be a fan of photography, and not have a single picture of himself laying around to use for the website.
“Lord only knows how bad this guy looks in real life, if he’s using my photo to look better,” Uribe said. “I don’t know whether to be flattered or to be creeped out, but I certainly hope he hasn’t duped anybody.”
Uribe will reportedly be requesting that the site remove the picture. login issues were fixed earlier today.

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    1. chris webber says:

      i am a paying member more than half the time i cannot log in tells me server not responding. i would just like to b able to log on. please help. thanku

    2. Daman100 says:

      When i try to login it keep telling my email and name already being used

    3. chris webber says:

      everytime i ry to login it tells me ee website admin.

    4. estill says:

      why is it every time i try to login u have problems with my name or password or email would b nice to have a simple way to login. can do that?

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