Shoplifter Broken Ankle Gets Him $510K From NYC Jury

July 18, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Shoplifter Broken Ankle

Shoplifter with broken ankle awarded $510,000 by jury and story angers New Yorkers. Crime does pay for Kevin Jarman, a shoplifter from New York was given more than half a million dollars by a jury who believed that NYPD officers were wrong to send him to the hospital with a broken ankle during his arrest. Kevin Jarman has sued the New York City Police Department numerous times in the past and always received a big pay out.

Shoplifter sustained broken ankle during arrest, sued the NYPD and won the large sum of $510,000.

In may of 2011 New York police officers were called to a supermarket in Queens Pathmark where Kevin Jarman was seen stealing several items.

Officer Samuel Morales arrested the 50-year-old man who confessed to shoplifting.

While handcuffing the criminal the pair got into a fight which left the shoplifter with a broken ankle.

Shortly after his arrest, Kevin Jarman did what he always does – he filed a lawsuit against the New York City Police Department claiming police brutality.

In the court documents, the serial plaintiff claimed that seeing that he is really taller than Morales it was difficult to put the handcuffs on him.

Jarman who is 6-foot-2 also stated that Morales who is 5-foot-5 was afraid of him.

The thief revealed that he told the cop that the handcuffs were too tight which angered him and he yanked him to the floor where he broke his ankle.

The chef went on to add that his injury was serious which is why he spent nine days at the Jamaica Hospital.

The unemployed crook stated in his lawsuit that officer Alex Safran who witnessed the scene mocked him and threatened to post his fall on the internet.

Jarman’s lawyer Anthony Ofodile, who must be a genius presented his client as a saint who had his rights violated by law enforcements and convinced a jury to award him over half of million dollars.

The shoplifter has collected a total $545,000 from the NYPD. In 2005 he sued for false arrest and collected $15,000.

In 2013 he dragged the city to court for the same reason and won $20,000.


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  1. lucienne says:

    I think the jury is stupit

  2. frank schell says:

    if the shoplifter had broken the policeman’s ankle I wonder how much the jury would award the policeman

  3. RANGERONE1 says:

    They should put the judge in jail with the perp. This pos belongs in jail since his first encounter. What a waste of humanity

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