Shooting Miami Nightclub: 15 Injured At Miami Nightclub Shooting Including Minors

September 29, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Shooting Miami nightclub

Shooting at Miami nightclub leaves 15 people injured with many of them being children as young as 11 years of age. Over the weekend, members of the Miami Fire Rescue were called at the nightclub “The Spot” after an Iraq-style shooting took place during a teen party that left Trevon Simmons, 15, critically injured. The gunmen are still on the loose.

Early Sunday morning, Florida authorities were called to a Miami nightclub after receiving several 911 calls about a shooting. The shooting occurred at “The Spot,” which is located at Northwest 7th Avenue and 64th Street.

The nightclub, which opened last month is said to be a popular hangout place, lounge, and Caribbean restaurant for both young kids and adults.

According to several witnesses, the shooting took place around 1 AM and it may have originated from a fight between two men who were arguing at the private party.

Emergency workers took at least 15 people from the age of 11 to 25 to different hospitals near the Caribbean club.

Several other injured people were driven to medical centers by other party goers who survived more than 100 bullets fired by the gunmen.

Wile most of the young club goers were treated and released after the shooting, a 15-year-old by the name of Trevon Simmons is still in critical condition at the Jackson Memorial Hospital.

It is being reported that the teen was shot numerous times. Simmons’ aunt spoke to local media saying that the teenager is a good kid who was just attending a gathering with friends.

The family member went on to blast the club owners for not having proper security in the building and for not searching club goers before they entered the club.

Another victim of the shooting has been identified as Latarrah Ingram. Friends of Miss Ingram are hoping that she recovers and goes back to her favorite activity – cheerleading.

The owners of the nightclub have refused to talk to the media after the incident. But many people who lived through the nightmarish event are speaking out.

One man who did not wish to reveal his identity said it was like being in Iraq, there were kids running around with AK-47s making it rain bullets.

The individual went on to ask why do parents leave kids as young as 11 go to clubs after midnight? He also asked what is wrong with American youths in Illinois, Connecticut and California just shooting other young folks for the heck of it?

Another individual said it was horrible to hear more than 100 bullets being fired and seeing everyone running for their lives.

The people responsible for the shooting have not been found.

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