Sheriff Joe Arpaio Wants To Put Armed Guards At Schools

Garrett Montgomery | December 29, 2012 | 0 Comments More

Joe Arpaio

Joe Arpaio has once more stirred up controversy by announcing that he wants volunteer armed guards in Arizona schools.

On Friday, outspoken Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio appeared on ABC/Univision where he revealed that the terrible events that occurred in Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut on December 14th have lead him to believe that the best way to protect innocent children and teachers is by having a person with a gun in all schools in the Phoenix-area.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio comments echoed National Rifle Association Executive Director Wayne LaPierre who said on Meet The Press about one week ago that if the principal at Sandy Hook had a weapon he is certain Adam Lanza would have killed less pupils.

Joe Arpaio is looking for over 3,000 people/private citizens – from former soldiers, retired police officers and even lawyers who would be trained by Arizonian authorities to patrol around the school’s perimeter in an effort to scare would-be mass murderers.

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