Shelley Dufresne, Rachel Respess Arrested: Louisiana Teachers Had Threesome With Minor Student

October 2, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Shelley Dufresne Rachel Respess

Two Louisiana teachers have been arrested for having a threesome with a 16-year-old student who bragged about it. Shelley Dufresne and Rachel Respess who both are English teachers at Destrehan High School allegedly filmed the encounter. The group sex took place last September after a football game at Dufresne’s home, which she shares with her husband and three children.

Two Louisiana teachers, Shelley Dufresne and Rachel Respess have been arrested following a threesome with a Destrehan High School student, who bragged about it to his friends.

On Tuesday, Shelley Dufresne was arrested by members of the Kenner Police Department for having group sex with a minor student.

Dufresne, 34, is a married mother of three, who invited a 16-year-old male student to her apartment in the New Orleans suburb of Kenner after a Friday evening football game on September 12 through 13 for a night to remember, according to police reports.

Not only did the teachers had improper contact with the minor, but they also filmed and photographed their adventures.

Dufresne, who was charged with felonies, was released the same day on $200,000 bail. The naughty teacher is currently under house arrest. Her husband has not commented on the charges.

But the teacher’s attorney Jeffrey Smith is talking and he revealed that she was booked on one count of carnal knowledge involving a juvenile, one count of indecent behavior, and one count of contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

Smith also explained that if the teachers had waited till September 16th to have sex with the male student, they would not be in this trouble. On September 16th, the student turned 17, which is the legal age of consent in Louisiana.

On Wednesday morning, Rachel Respess was arrested for having sexual contact with the minor. During a press conference, Kenner Police Chief Michael Glaser, who appeared angry at times, explained that the investigation began on Friday after school officials were told by other students that the now-17-year-old was bragging about the group sex encounter. Glaser added:

“If this was two male teachers and a female student, the community would be outraged. It should have the same outrage.”

The teenager said the sex was consensual and confessed to also sleeping with Rachel Respess, 24, at her home.

Dufresne and Respess, both Louisiana State University graduates, have been suspended without pay.

The teachers are facing up to 17 years behind bars.


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