Sharon Tate Sister Debra Opens Up About Manson Family Murders

August 31, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Sharon Tate Sister Debra

Sharon Tate sister Debra Tate opened up about the brutal Charles Manson murders. Debra Tate explained that the death of her rising star sister Sharon Tate who was killed in 1969 by Manson and his followers has made her the woman she is today. Miss Tate confessed that she will fight for those who killed the pregnant actress to stay in prison forever.

In a new interview with PEOPLE, Sharon Tate’s younger sister Debra Tate confessed that the disturbing events that occurred on August 9, 1969, made her the person she is today.

Debra Tate, was barely 16 when her mother announced the news. The activist said she remembers it all too clearly.

She was in the shower, her little sister Patti, 11, was watching TV when they heard their mother Doris running from a neighbor’s home and collapsing in the family living room.

She had just learned that her daughter and wife of filmmaker Roman Polanski, who was almost nine months pregnant was killed by the evil doer and his family.

Tate’s friends Jay Sebring, Abigail Folger and Wojciech Frykowski were also stabbed to death in her Beverly Hills home while her husband was away in Europe.

Tate who is now 61, said that Manson and his crew are just little creeps and added:

“They’re not supernatural, they’re not the devil, they’re nothing special, they’re just little creeps.”

The mother-of-one went on to explain that her family truly misses Sharon, she said:

“The people that we lost in this historical event were real, and they had lives and families. They’re sorely missed.”

Tate who recently released a photo book dedicated to her late sister called Sharon Tate: Recollection, went on to confess that the death destroyed her parents.

He mother battled depression for several years while her father Army veteran Colonel Paul Tate never spoke about what happened and buried himself in work.

The activist revealed that her family is focused on one thing, making sure that the criminals who killed Sharon are never granted parole.

Sharon Tate’s sister Debra has fought 12 times over the years to keep Charles Manson behind bars.


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