Sharon Stone Devastated: Total Recall Star Devastated By Nephew’s Death Of Possible Drug Overdose

November 21, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Sharon Stone was devastated by the death of her nephew, Colin Stone. According to reports, Colin Stone died on November 10th due to a drug overdose. Stone was only 22 years of age.

Sharon Stone Devastated Colin Stone

Sharon Stone was devastated after learning the passing of her beloved nephew. On November 10th, while working on a movie set in Vancouver, Canada, legendary actress Sharon Stone learned that her nephew Colin Stone had died.

Miss Stone received the heartbreaking news as she was filming scenes with John Travolta for the forthcoming action flick Life on the Line that is due out next year.

The Stones issued a statement on the death of the 22-year-old man that read:

“Colin was a wonderful talented son.Unfortunately he had an addiction bigger than himself. He will be greatly missed. Our prayers go out to all families coping with children facing addiction.”

A staff member from Los Angeles County Coroner’s office by the name of Ed Winter has issued a brief statement on the matter.

According to Mr Winter, Colin Stone’s body was discovered in his apartment in Hollywood. An autopsy will be performed on the remains, but it is strongly believed that Colin Stone died due to an accidental heroin overdose. In his statement, the expert explained:

“The body of Colin Stone was found during a welfare check by his apartment manager.”

Winter went on to add:

“His death was recorded as a possible overdose, pending toxicology reports.”

A source close to the 56-year-old Catwoman actress, spoke to Radar Online and revealed that the sudden passing of Colin hit her really hard, and she is having a tough time dealing with it.

The insider went on to say that Sharon Stone is very close to Colin Stone’s father, Michael Stone, who also had a history with drugs.

Few years ago, Michael Stone, 63, was in jail for 24 months for possession of a kilogram of cocaine. The unnamed source claimed:

“Years ago, she helped Colin’s dad — her brother, Michael — get his life back on track after serving time for selling [drugs].”

When Micheal was released, with the help of his sister, he was able to turn his life around. Both Sharon and Micheal Stone are in disbelief and devastated that Colin was taken away from them so soon. The insider confessed:

“Michael was able to escape a life of drugs. Unfortunately, his son was not so lucky.”

The Basic Instinct and Total Recall star was photographed in Paris, France on Tuesday, leaving La Societe Restaurant, wearing all black clothing. The well-liked and respected actress is expected to make a triumphant return to television in 2015, via TNT’s Agent X drama where she will play the US Vice President for at least 10 episodes.

Sharon Stone devastated by the loss of her nephew and fans are hoping that she stays strong.


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