Shark Victim Steven Robles On Attack: ‘I Was Staring at It Eyeball-to-Eyebal’

July 6, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Shark Victim On Attack

Shark victim on attack: “I saw the eyes of the shark as it lunged at my chest.” Steven Robles the shark victim from Manhattan Beach in California is speaking out after being released from the hospital.

Steven Robles told local media that he thought his life was over as he stared at a white shark’s eyes while it swam towards him and penetrated his body with its 30 rows of teeth. The 40-year-old who is passionate by the sea was bitten once on the torso on Saturday while training with group of swimmers for an upcoming meet. Robles blamed the careless fisherman who lured the seven-foot great white shark also known as the white death to the pier with sardines for the attack.

Saturday morning at 9.30 a.m. Steven Robles and 14 other frequent swimmers started training for an International Swim Meet.

The group of friends swam for about an hour from Hermosa Beach to Manhattan Beach and was about to wrap up the weekly training session when a seven-foot great white shark appeared.

The white pointer which was hooked to a fisherman’s line was agitated and swam directly to the real estate broker and sank its jaws containing 30 rows of teeth measuring over 7 inches long into his chest.

The open-water swimmer thought it was over as he bled and screamed for help.

But by some miracle, through the pain Robles found the strength within to push and punch the white shark off his torso.

Talking to the media the Palos Verdes man explained:

“He just swam right at me and when he lunged into my chest, I could feel his whole body vibrating,.It happened so quick. I was very scared. It was burning pain. … I was staring at this shark eyeball-to-eyeball with its teeth on the side of my rib cage.”

Steven Robles was rescued by one of his swimming pals on a paddle board and was rushed to UCLA Harbor Medical Center where he was treated for his non life threatening injuries. Robles who is now home with his family shared:

“Fortunately, the bite didn’t go into any organs and I didn’t crack any ribs,” he says. “I’m very thankful I’m alive. This absolutely could have been it. I was given a second chance, and this is Day One of a new life.”

He went on to blast the insane fisherman who pulled the white shark to the beach on his hook.

The fisherman who did not wish to reveal his identity told CBS that he never used blood to lure the beast to his hook, he used sardines.

He claimed to have cut off the line when he realized that he was guiding the apex predator too close to swimmers and is sorry for his actions.


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