Shark Chokes On Sea Lion And Dies In Australia

July 18, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Shark Chokes On Sea Lion

Shark chokes on sea lion and story makes headlines. A great white shark chokes on a sea lion and dies on Coronation Beach and the whole incident is caught on video. The story of “shark chokes on sea lion” has gone viral which prompted the Department of Fisheries in Australia to open an investigation. Two days prior to its death the shark was seen in extreme pain on the shores.

Shark chokes on sea lion in Australia which leads to an investigation by experts.

On July 5th, tourists and locals strolling on Coronation Beach in Australia were shocked to see a shark in agony near the shore.

Many people pulled out their cameras and filmed the great white shark which had appeared to have difficulty breathing and was unable to swim back into the deep sea.

It was rapidly revealed that the shark was chocking on a sea lion.

A piece of the marine mammal was stuck in the white pointer’s throat and despite its effort it was unable to get it out or swallow it down.

On July 7th, the shark died and its body washed up on the sandy beach.

Once more many beach goers videotaped the scene, the white death’s body was posted on Youtube.

After the story of “shark chokes on sea lion” was featured on several media outlets, the Australian government decided to conduct an investigation.

The animal’s remains were turned over to the Department of Fisheries principal research scientist Dr. Rory McAuley who examined it and took tissue and vertebral samples for future studies.

Dr. Rory McAuley who learned that it was tagged by researchers in January gave two theories on the 13-foot shark’s death.

His first theory claimed that the shark was trying to dislodge the blockage caused by the large sea lion which is why it accidentally ended up in shallow waters and became stranded and died.

The scientist’s second theory stated that the sea lion’s bones damaged some of the sharks organs like its liver, anterior intestine, kidney, pharynx and it bled and drown to death.


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