SFPD Cop Arrested: Chris Kohrs Is Known As ‘Hot Cop of Castro’

December 1, 2015 | By Garrett Montgomery More

An SFPD cop arrested for a hit-and-run was making headlines last year for a different reason – his body. SFPD Officer Chris Kohrs, who was cuffed for slamming his car into two pedestrians, is famous for his looks, which earned him the title of “Hot Cop of Castro.”

Chris Kohrs

An SFPD cop arrested for hitting two pedestrians will not be able to use his looks to get out of trouble. On Sunday, San Francisco police were called to Broadway and Montgomery Street after a man slammed his vehicle into two males and fled the scene on foot.

The men, both in their 40s, were rushed to a nearby hospital with serious injuries, but they are expected to survive. It was quickly determined that the Dodge Charger left at the crime scene belonged to an off-duty San Francisco police officer by the name of Christopher Kohrs. Allan Tahamouni, who saw the incident, said he was very worried about the two men who were knocked on the ground, and added:

“Some guy moves, but the other guy does not move. Then they take the guys in emergency.”

Trey Bellomy, who also witnessed the accident, told local media:

“The car was right here when I looked out, but I didn’t see anyone get out of it or anything. All the doors were shut, the lights were on. It just looked like somebody had pulled up, stopped, got out of the car and left.”

The incident occurred at 2 a.m., so there is a possibility that SFPD Officer Christopher Kohrs, 38, was drunk – he has refused to comment on the story. Last year, Kohrs became a local celebrity thanks to his good genes. He was nicknamed the “Hot Cop of Castro” by his legion of fans – males and females.

The police officer has thousands of followers on Facebook and Instagram, who worship him and he keeps them entertained with loads of sexy and shirtless selfies. Hours after the incident, the officer’s conscience got the best of him, and he surrendered to police.

The hot law-enforcer was arrested on suspicion of two counts of felony hit-and-run. He was detained at the San Francisco County Jail, but he rapidly posted bail and was set free. Kohrs is currently on an unrelated medical leave, and it is not known when he will return to duty.


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