Serial Killer? Niagara Falls Police Search For Answers After Second Torso Found

July 23, 2015 | By Garrett Montgomery More

A serial killer near the Niagara Falls could be responsible for the deaths of Loretta Gates and Terri Bills. New York police are raising the serial killer theory because the two women were related and looked similar.

serial killer niagara falls

A serial killer in Niagara Falls, New York is believed to be behind the horrible murders of two women. According to police, the same deranged psychopath, who killed Loretta Gates in 2012, could behind the death of Terri Bills, who was found dismembered on June 16, 2015.

In early August of 2012, Gates, a mother of three, vanished after heading to a local store in Niagara Falls. Few days later, a tourist spotted the headless body of the 30-year-old missing woman in a lake, her body parts were discovered in a bag later on.

The Niagara Falls Police Department was never able to solve the case. In June, the remains of 46-year-old Terri Lynn Bills were discovered in the same area.

Bills, who was related to Gates through marriage, was like an aunt to the late mom, and the pair looked alike. Like Gates, the killer took the time to dismember the body and left the headless, limbless torso in an abandoned home.

Niagara Falls Police Capt. Kelly Rizzo said that the deaths have caused his department to put at least 100 officers on the case. The FBI, New York State Police, U.S. Border Patrol and Homeland Security are also involved. Rizzo shared:

“It is hard not to make that connection. You can’t overlook that the two homicides share a lot of similarities.”

Rizzo went to add that the public is helping with the case:

“Social media makes crime investigation incredibly difficult. We got a lot of good information. We are definitely closer to figuring out who did it based on the information we got (today).”

Rizzo concluded by saying that while he believes the murders might be the work of the Niagara Falls serial killer, there is a possibility that they could have been committed by two individuals or a copycat.

Do you say there is a serial killer in Niagara Falls?


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  1. Joyce says:

    I just prayed for these murders to be solved. R.I.P. to both women.

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