SC Town Backs Fired Police Chief, Crystal Moore Is Gay

July 14, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

SC Town Fired Police Chief For Being Gay

SC town fired police chief for being gay, residents outraged by the mayor’s action not only got her job back but made the politician powerless. Police Chief Crystal Moore was fired from her post by Latta mayor Earl Bullard in April because he found her lifestyle questionable. South Carolina people rallied around the police chief and her lawyers and she was rehired because she is an outstanding officer. Bullard was stripped of his powers and might remain in office for three years doing nothing.

South Carolina town fired police chief because of her sexual orientation and her story pushed the community to take action.

In April the mayor of a small town in North Carolina called Latta took the decision to fire Police Chief Crystal Moore.

Mayor Earl Bullard had been elected for three short months when he gave Moore who had been with the police department for 20 years the boot.

Why was Latta Police Chief Crystal Moore fired? Simply because she is gay. While he denied the claims, a recording that surfaced is telling another story.

According to an audio that leaked after Bullard gave Moore her pink slip, he would prefer to work with a drunk person than someone with a questionable lifestyle.

The Republican politician went on to say that being homosexual is just not right.

The mayor was recorded by town council member Jarett Taylor because the political leader was constantly lying to her about his position on important matters regarding Latta.

Outraged by the mayor’s action, residents held protests in front of city hall to get Moore her job back.

The town council held two emergency votes, one to get the police officer reinstated and the other to make the mayor powerless.

On June 30 the SC police chief returned to work and was greeted by a crowd.

Many residents came forward to explain that Moore is a hero and great example to the town.

When she was a teenager she would volunteer and help during hurricanes.

As a police officer she worked extra hours when a storm hit Latta she made sure she got a maximum of people to safety.


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