Savannah Guthrie Fears She Could Be Replaced By Megyn Kelly After Gaffe

March 7, 2017 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Savannah Guthrie Children Mike Feldman

A little mistake by Savannah Guthrie could lead to her being replaced by Megyn Kelly.

Last week, many were surprised when Mrs. Guthrie brought out her husband, Mike Feldman, and her two adorable children – 2-month-old son Charley and daughter Vale, 2 – on the set of the TODAY show.

It was a sweet moment where the anchor, who gave birth in December, happily showed off her two bundles of joy and explained how proud she is of them, but there was more to the story.

In the midst of the hugs and laughter, Matt Lauer took it upon himself to remind people of the blunder that Guthrie made the previous week. Guthrie confused her husband with co-anchor Lauer.

As Mrs. Guthrie was taken part in a segment that focused on a recent study which revealed that mothers are more sleep deprived than fathers when their children are in the house.

Guthrie, who has a newborn at home, turned to Lauer who was in Washington DC and said: “On my maternity leave, when I was getting up and feeding every couple of hours, Matt would be.”

When Guthrie, caught her mistake she laughed and added: “Where is my Freud textbook?”

It had seemed like a big fat joke, but sources claimed that after the installment Guthrie freaked out because she told herself the gaffe could cost her gig.

The desperate TV personality feels like she is walking on eggshells since the announcement that NBC hired former Fox News Channel host Megyn Kelly.

A source said: “Savannah is terrified; she knows they can dump her like Tamron Hall.”

The insider said Guthrie is not alone and added: “Everyone is just on edge, all the time. They do not know what’s going to happen. Even when they are up, they do not know what’s going to happen.”

The 45-year-old anchor apparently brought her entire family on the morning show to change the conversation.

Some are blasting Guthrie for using an infant to get ratings.

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