Sasha Obama Yawns During Dad’s Inauguration Speech

Garrett Montgomery | January 22, 2013 | 0 Comments More

Sasha Obama Yawns

Just like the rest of her family Sasha Obama did not get much sleep in days leading to her father’s second inauguration which is why the preteen was seen yawning as president Obama delivered his speech.

Dressed in a purple coat, the sleepy and tired eleven-year-old first daughter (who had to take part in countless events prior to swearing in ceremony in the cold) could be seen sitting next to older sis Malia and mother Michelle yawning as president Barack Obama gave his inaugural speech where he laid out his liberal progress agenda for next century.

The “Sasha Obama Yawns” footage has been turned into a gif and has gone viral – with most people defending her by saying that she is just a kid, she looks cute and her dad talks too much anyway.

Sasha Obama Yawns Picture

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