Sarasota Road Rage Stabbing: Road Rage Incident In Florida Sends Two Men To The Hospital

November 7, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Sarasota road rage stabbing caused by texting. According to the Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office, two motorists got out of their vehicles after a heated argument over texting, fought and one eventually stabbed the other in the face.

Sarasota Road Rage Stabbing

The Sarasota road rage stabbing has landed two men in the hospital. According to members of the Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office, on Thursday at around 3 PM, a road rage stabbing occurred near the intersection of Bee Ridge Road and US 41 in Sarasota, Florida.

Officers investigating the Sarasota road rage stabbing said it all started with a heated exchange over texting. Witnesses say for several minutes, as the men were driving, they were trowing insults at each other.

Sarasota Police Department Public Information Officer, Genevieve Judge, explained that both road ragers agreed to meet at the parking lot of Paradise Plaza for a physical confrontation.

The individuals got out of their vehicles and began to fist fight. During the brawl, one of the drivers drew a knife and stabbed the other in the face several times.

The victim sustained injuries on the forehead and across the face, and was airlifted by Bayflight Medical helicopter to a local hospital. The person who pulled the knife tried to flee the crime scene, but was rapidly apprehended near the south side of Paradise Plaza by officers.

The suspect was also injured during the incident and was sent to Sarasota Memorial Hospital. Police say the stabbing suspect is currently in custody.

Pam Curtin, who witnessed the incident, told local media that she heard one of the drivers say, “You shouldn’t have been texting,” as they were fighting.

Curtin who also called 911 prior to the incident is angry that she was put on hold by the operator. She explained:

“It’s terrifying, it’s absolutely terrifying.And then what’s terrifying, too, is that if you call 911 at a point when the stabbing hadn’t even occurred, you’re put on hold in this city. That’s terrifying too.”

In September of 2013, there was a Sarasota road rage stabbing involving Jonathon Cetin and another man who fled the scene.

In December of 2010, Ernest Couvertier and Stephen Berliner took part in a Sarasota road rage stabbing.


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