Sarah Stage Baby Bump Controversy: Instagram Pics Of Lingerie Model Sarah Stage Create Drama

March 8, 2015 | By Garrett Montgomery More

A Sarah Stage baby bump controversy is making waves on the internet this week. A model named Sarah Stage has been chronicling her first pregnancy on Instagram with cute pictures of her baby bump in lingerie, her diet and workout routine. But fans are not looking at Sarah Stage’s hot lingerie, they are blasting her for having such a tiny baby bump at 8 months. Many are begging Sarah Stage to eat properly instead of working out to maintain her abs.

sarah stage baby bump bikini
Sarah Stage baby bump picture at 7 months pregnant.

A Sarah Stage baby bump drama has many of her supporters concerned. Believe it or not, the photos below show Sarah Stage in hot lingerie, showing off her almost 9-month baby bump; yes, you have read correctly, she is almost 9 months pregnant with a baby boy.

Sarah Stage is a 30-year-old model, who is set to become a first-time mother in few weeks. Like most modern-day women, Miss Stage has been documenting her pregnancy on social media.

The Los Angeles-based model, who is currently eight months pregnant with a baby boy, has shared numerous photos of her Lean Meals diet. Stage eats lots of vegetables like carrots, broccoli, spinach, string beans with chicken, fish or beef.

She also shares pictures of herself hitting a Los Angeles gym on a daily basis to maintain her figure. Sarah Stage, who is of European and Costa Rican descent, has also unveiled countless baby bump pictures showing the different stages of her pregnancy – and this is where it gets problematic.

At 6 months, Stage had no baby bump at all. At 7 months, she was still not showing. And at 8 months nearing 9, all people see are her abs – which earned her the title of the woman with the tiniest baby bump ever.

Despite being very close to her due date, the model is using spray tan at her modeling gigs with Poolside Collection and other lingerie companies. Many are baffled by Sarah Stage’s baby bump or lack thereof and have made their concerns known. Some did this in a polite way and others used harsher words.

One woman, who is not expecting, said that she looks like 8-month pregnant Stage after eating a burger and diet coke. The female commentator stated:

“Omgg how is she 8 months here, how can that be? I look like that after eating a burger.”

Another person wondered if Stage was manipulating the pics to have a the tiniest bump possible.

It's a wrap! Quickest shoot ever 🐰 #32weeks

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The individual wrote:

“I’m not a medical professional so I can’t say whether its fine or not but I just can’t get my head around it! It just doesn’t look natural to me! did she Photoshopped the abs on like Kim K? But hey live and let live I guess.”

But few have found Sarah Stage’s physique to be extremely impressive and complimented her. The fan shared:

“She doesn’t even look like she’s pregnant! Her belly is still so perfectly toned! Man! She’s awesome! Still can keep that awesome figure even while pregnancy. You go girl!!!!! Wish the best for you and your baby.”

Experts weighed in on the Sarah Stage baby bump drama by saying that it is not unusual for women to not show very much during their first pregnancy, especially if they are physically fit and tall.

Malcolm Dixon, an obstetrician in London, shared why women like Heidi Klum, Duchess Kate Middleton and Sarah Stage have small bumps, he said:

“If it’s a first baby, the tummy muscles tend to be taut and strong, so the baby is held in tightly. This is especially true of women who are sporty and do their sit-ups, and we know that Kate’s an athletic soul.”

Sarah Stage’s baby bump is either worrisome or a great achievement. What do you think of it?


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  1. D.N. Brennan says:

    She has a good muscle tone, which hides her bump nicely. If she were to be endangering her baby, I’m sure her Doctors would be chiming in.

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